Sunday, September 28, 2008

amazing weekend =)

my week was juz awesome... want me to describe???? i enjoy my week with my bestest frens among all and i went yum cha with them =) anyway suppose to go out yesterday but my eyes are killing me so i ended up did not go and stay at home and chat with my frens....

sunday... hari ini saya buat apa le??? lol i went service but not in fga... i went gmc *grace church methodist church* in pasir puteh... yee cheong fetch me and in his car he was listening some japanese songs... ada feel la according to kylie =D... reach there service ady started and it was cool.... sermon was great and it kinda applied wat im goin through now.... i listen and had free food there.. meet up with lots of ppl and is youth time... hahahha during games justin's head bang my head and now bengkak a bit ady... super pain... my knee the skin there came out and my toes kena step and also kena knock by a table while carrying.... some bad luck i guess...

after that makan somewhere near i was in justin car so i kinda shared a bit wat im goin through... oh yea i saw ivy... so long din see her ady.... =)

after makan we all went home.. well i rest for a while den im off out again... went to extream park for futsal.. but due to the bruises tat i got this morning... nah i juz sit and watch the game =) oh yea cop was there... and and ps. clement was playing... lol

send jonan and desmond back... ekkk!!! upon reaching jonan's house he he he disturb my driving and kinda lose control.... ish!!!!!! 1st person to do that and im screaming in car like some mad person.... hahahhah i think tat all.... =)

seeeeeeeeeeee i enjoy my weekend =)

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