Tuesday, September 9, 2008

boredom kills me as i cannot go anywhere... im goin emo again and this time it can lead to depression... im serious... judee is goin mad and she cannot stand ady... btw this msg is for cho my coursemate... i cant go college for the next one whole week cuz dad said im still not subsidise yet from my chicken pox... DEPRESSING man.... how can this happen to me????

another boring day for me and streamyx connection sucks!!!! SUCKS!!!! hmmm besides that i kena marah teruk for eating ice cream today =X chicken pox cannot eat ice cream meh??? gosh!!! i HATE my life now =( how am i gonna be patient if im stuck at home for like the next few more weeks???? is not fair!!!


starting to miss my life b4 i had chicken pox =( i so badly wanna go out and have fun but it seem the fun is goin away from me every single day.... i had a cramp 2 day and i don know how it happen and is on the same freaking leg.... PAIN LA!!!! i hate it.... i want my mum!!!!!!! *screaming*

anyway i wanna wish another person happy birthday and that lucky person is lixin... weng kin sister... u r finally 13 years old =)

happy birthday chua li xin =D hope that u have a

wonderful birthday

p/s: can i kill myself now????? =(

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