Thursday, September 4, 2008


hehehehehe ok ok i woke up super early today cuz i have to fetch aunt to the wetmarket... yeah i got my car keys back hoooray!!!!!! finally =) lol and when i wanna turn at the juntion near teh caltax station... i saw ding driving ahahahhaha... so i text him good morning... dei i saw u driving... and guess wat he reply....

y u stalking me hah =P?

dei!!! wat la im not stalking u donkey =X hahahhaha so while aunt when beli barang kat market... as i was too bored and i was alone in my car i decided to take pics as a remembrance as chicken pox is only once in a life time..... oh yeah for those who havne kena chicken pox.... see my pics den u know =D

this are the few symtoms that i know when i got chicken pox..... gezzzzzzzzz it looks weird but hey mine is not itchy at all the whole time when i have them lol

so so it was my first time camera shy.....

my whole face also got chicken pox =( really hope there are no scar at all.... hoping so badly man =(

as for that i was thinking.... hahahha act only la this anyway i would wanna say thank you for those who concern about me... owhhhhhhhh!!!! u guys are so sweet =)

im at home currently watching 102 dalmatian =)

i like doggies =D

missing someone badly

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