Monday, September 8, 2008

today is 8 of september 2008... and is janice lee birthday... anyway wanna wish u happy birthday.... well currently u r in rmit australia so i hope u r enjoying and not stressing out yourself there..

hope that u had a bless birthday all the way in aussie and i cant wait for u to come back.. =) *smiles*

you were my childhood friend and i miss those moment when we were always playing the ps1 togather....

i cherish the moments where we play bowling and hanging out at shopping centres

i miss those moment where we swim in dbi pool and play monkey *did we????*

hahahahha i miss when we were young playing at the playground near our housing area and i still remember we tried to put up a kite but ended up failing =X

hope that u will never forget those moment even u are far away... missing u lots =)

we are j ppl... we rocks!!!!!


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