Sunday, September 7, 2008


hahahaha i got good news and that is..... mummy is confirmed coming back at the end of september... =) *super duper happy* talked to mummy on the phone and she told me if i get good result for my sem 1 exams.... i might get to go taiwan and korea *blink* *blink* i love my mum so much hehehehehe and she even told me wat not to eat and all... errrrrrrrr i ate something that i cannot eat and that is PEANUTS!!!! opps!!!! i wonder wat will happen...

and this morning i ate lam mee... oh no!!!!! *slaps forehead* i don know la.... and mum said i have to eat mui choi for 100 days.... wat is this????? for 100 days???? muz i????? hmmmmmm and mum said u ar always weak pls eat the vitamin that i get u can or not??? i was like errrrrr hehehehehe i don know where is it now..... oh well am i that weak????

anyway im getting colour lens... weeee~ happy im getting blue, grey and violet =D hehehhe and is cheap... melissa jie jie is getting for me and the lens are from korea... ooooooo =)

cant wait for it 2 arrive and i cant wait to go out with my frens... miss them so much =) btw weng kin i want my mcd ice cream!!!!!!!!

sundae cone.... mcd!!!!!!!!!!! ice cream =)

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