Wednesday, September 3, 2008

i have a big big smile =D

im super duper happy today and i don know y.... hahhahaha mayb im getting better cuz the pain at my throat is slightly better now =) i don feel that much irritated by it and i cant wait to eat ice cream =P go out yum cha and all with my beloved frens.... funny thing happen yesterday when i ask my dad 2 buy strepsils back before he comes home... well i ask him to buy the blue one the menthol flavour cuz that is the only one that i like among all flavours when i get sore throat.... he brought back strepsils but not the blue one that i requested... is the extra stong one and it taste ewwwwwwww!!!! the convo goes like that.....

judee: dad i thought i ask u to buy th eblue one????

dad: well there got blue one wert

judee: errrr u sure this one is blue one????

dad: yeah there got a bit blue colour at the packaging.

judee: *slaps forehead* no i want the blue one not the one with a blue blue at the packaging la....

dad: wat the difference still got blue right???

judee: yeah la.... but i want that flavour la... ish ish ish

dad: just eat this one first la... finish den buy that one lo

judee: like i wil finish it so fast???? oh yeah can i eat char siew pau for breakfast tomorrow???

dad: ok... will buy back

this prove that my dad is colour blind.... hahhahaha is so freaking obvious wei.....
oh well the thing is when i wake up today apa pun tak ada la.... hmmmmmmm dissapointed man..... but i wont let it destroy my mood =) hahahahha i watch another 3 more movies today....
  1. swan princess

  2. american pie band camp

  3. 101 dalmatians

hahahhaha woff woff!!!! i like dalmation they are all so cute... despite my dog is a half dalmatian.... i LOVE cashie too... cant stop bullying her after not playing with her ever since i had chicken pox.... well i still think that during my doggie was sick she had thsi red dots on her body.... i think she spread it to me la =X hahahahhaha well don know la

so gonna ask dad later y din buy back breakfast for me =( oh i have been eating the same food again and again for the past 3 days.... rice with carrots and errrrrr i don know wat veggie is that... im sick of it =( and i have to stuff myself with lots and lots of leong sui..... hahahhaha but is ok la

at least happy.... but i cant wait to be healed =)

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saviour king =)

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