Saturday, September 13, 2008


LOL!!! i seriously was dead mad this morning but hey after chatting and thinking bout it... hmmmmm juz forgive and forget... anyway it raining heavily but i still can on9 cool!!!! hahahah took some pics with doggie and and and my dog loves taking pics with me or is juz me???? hahahhahahha

cashie i love u!!! hahahah u are my greatest doggie in the world but u r really a pig!!! i kinda think u r a pig more den a dog.... hahahaha cuz u sleep the whole day =D

and so my job is to distured u so u don sleep the whole day... if my bro see this lol he is so gonna screwed me for disturbing the princess of the house.... lol so wat la is fun doing it to a dog =)

who cares that u sleep whole day i still love u...... lol

she is taking the whole screen with her adorable face... lol oh yea she is stinky back again... ewwwww have to bathe her again la... jezzzzzzzz wat u do la make u stinky back????

haih... cash the stinky dog and superdoggie cashie!!!!!! lol =D

i wonder wat am i gonna do tonite???? if daddy lets me out but due to the politic thingy i don think he will let me out =( gosh!!!!!!!!! stupid la y ppl have to fight to own glory???? is all selfishness... greed

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