Tuesday, September 2, 2008

im kinda stop thinking that im suffering from all this.... well nah!!!!!! wrong i am suffuring like errrrr how do i put this in words.... lol i had wat do u call an awesome day =( yeah right how awesome can it be... nevermind judee pls be patient girl... everything will be ok *trying to comfort myself*

let see wat did i do 2 day... ok ok i watched another pile of movie at home and i watch back my dong bang shin ki all about them season 2... =) practically i spend my time watching tv and also on9... hahahahah i watched cartoon =) it makes me happy besides being moody.... hahahhaha

it raining now and is super cold.... well there are no changes in me... im still having chicken pox and i still have that sore throat... it can kill a person badly and it is killing me now....

thinking good stuff and im craving for ice cream especially mcd ice cream =( i cant eat now cuz of this stupid condition im having... pls let me whine and complain now... cuz that is all i wanna do now... well another few weeks more and u r free judee... holding on!!!!!!!!!!!

i saw this at arvin shirt and is so cute =) bumble bee buzzzzzzzzzzzzz hahahahaha im actually kinda annoyed bout something but im not sure wat is it... hmmmmm well im gonna read books now =) wasting my time doin good stuff

missing u badly

hope u r here with me


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