Wednesday, September 24, 2008

juz with a snap of the finger im back in college again and im excited... well of course ppl still bully me... yesterday class was ok where we get to learn name the cutleries, glasses, how to polish them and also handle them.... well i got to carry tray with heavy bottles on it... not only that i got to carry 10 glass wine in one hand and also 12 coffee cups but for coffee cups i failed cuz it was too heavy... well is great to be back again and it was also my 1st night class in college... man it was super noisy but i was equivalent noisy as the rest although im sitting at the 1st row... hahahaha

im still in the mood of taking pics and this time all take pics with me... well i used my frens phone cuz mine cacated ady... btw camera tak ada batery... the whole time sai mun very fan la... hahahhaha im not desperate to get ppls attention ok... he was like eh i think i better sit next to u la cuz u very noisy... i said this to him... bih tong sitting here la go sit back your place la... den he gave me that stare so i juz stare back!!!! lol

well after class i drove back cuz i ask dad can i drive... dad said im steady so now i can drive where ever i want... ho ho ho!!!! which means... im driving to miss house for bbq party.. yeah!!!! oh im also busy for this few weeks so i don thinki will update that much... but for bbq i will update... oooooo soon im going pusing... errrrr don even know where is that... hahahahha juz follow la.. lol

mummy might not come back =( there goes my happyness... blah!!! don care...

ok now i decided to change... seems i kinda make a bad impression on someone ******* well gossip la all u want... dislike me tell la... i don care.. don go around and say no all this... gah!!! im sick of it so now i decided to change... HAPPY????

i don need anyones help... seems is like that i don feel belong there... why not i leave... well that is a good idea... not only good but an excelent one... lol

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