Saturday, September 6, 2008

laughing my big mouth out

hmmmmmmm i do not wanna be mean or anything... i juz went through reading my friends blog and i found out that pangkor trip was canceled =) =) im laughing my big mouth out hahahhahahhaha oh well there is a reason for everything and goin to a MATTA FAIR in stadium mmg tak ada guna la... hahahahha fiona that was a nice post there and bout penang y don we all go penang la i haven been there la.....

but instead they are goin to sitiawan on thursday.... hmmmmmmm seafood again???? hello judee khor here cannot eat seafood la... im actually jealous of ppl who can eat seafood... ho ho ho the truth is revealed... judee is jealous and yes i am....

oh well yesterday i had lots of fun.... all by myself.... hmmmmmm charm rite everything also all by myself =( anyway..... chicken pox are healing but at a slow pace... cant wait to out like really goin out with frens and all... ok wat i did yesterday????? yeap i watch movie but i only watch one and that is snow dogs... i love demon the doggie =) den i went tidur wake up makan den den den watch tv.... it is my 1st time watching kan cheong kitchen in 8tv... wah i like it and i wanna watch but got youth..... aiyah!!!!! reaper is nice too after that i slept at parents bed =S

hahahahha den i was actually waken up ny dad don know how but i saw him wanna pindah the bed outside living room to sleep so i said nvm i go back to my room and sleep... lol i really enjoyed yesterday slept like a pig whole day le =)

oh yea dad brought back junk food =D thank u daddy i love u =)

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