Sunday, September 14, 2008

lol yeasterday night kelvin, fern and joel came over my house to visit me... well at 1st they suppose to go mcd but don know y want happen ended up my house... lol but we had a blast in my house la... we play gambling cards.. chor tai di... some slap thing and also black jack.... oh gosh joel play cheat!!!!!!!!! hahahhaha den for black jack i lose and have to shake my butt twice... stupid la!!!! lol played till 12 midnight and my dog cashie seriously hate her time cuz she had her mouthpiece on... lol

slept late due to chatting on9 with my khai jie and kylie.... wah banyak mau cakap sampai tak nak tidur wei... well in the end i gave up and sleep... woooohoooooooo woke up late today and and 2 moro goin back college but im not gezzzzzzz.... i need 2 be at home for another 1 week... anyway nvm at least now i can go out yum cha ady... i think.....

currently watching csi oh no today sunday la... i miss the zig and zag alfa dog challenge... no!!!!!!! i love that show so much le.... can see dog on action but to me if my dog can wow im amazed... but seem she is a pig so no need to waste my time at least now she listen to me when i said sit and lay down and also when ppl come inside the cage not the house... hahahhaha but i have to hout for that la =)

is raining again... aiseh have to off line ady so i think tat all for now =) ok to tell honestly my post is boring hahahahha

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