Saturday, September 13, 2008


i do not know should i i say it out or wat.... cuz i still wanna keep it in my heart and not telling wat i feel.... im mad at someone early in the morning on saturday and which is today... im so so pissed off that i don know wat to say.... so now is my time to post how i feel...

since on wednesday you told me you wanna go buy bread i'll take u but u drag this and that....waking me up early and saying i did it all for u... i woke up and take u but u juz delly dally here and there and u wasted my time the whole day....when im mad i don say but hey... i am is juz that i don tell... don u know how sickening is it to wait for u the whole day den when u said u wanna go and buy you go and do something else.... WTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! go die la

even today u said u wanna buy stuff in the end u do this and that see wat is the end result.... u complain saying how am i gonna buy this and that.. u think ppl like waiting for u ar???? i also don like!!!!!!!! get it i don like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

im still super mad and i feel like not staying at home.... i wanna go out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if im mad i will cry but this time i don feel like crying anymore cuz tears are all dried up.... i want mcd ice cream!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i seriously don know wat to say ady.... mayb this... @!$%&^$#%&*%!@

im still pissed off.. mind me pls

anyway..... i wanna wish another person happy birthday and that is YIP PHUI MUN!!!


btw i cant go parade and celebrate... sobz emo back... cant even meet back my own frens from my class... hellish sucks man.... feel like going to hell now.....

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