Monday, September 8, 2008

my current liking

ello ppl.... hahahhaha im bored so i decided to post something which i have not been doing for a very long time.... well besides dong bang shin ki.... now i like ft island =) they are super hot!!! man... lol if u guys don know who are they.. oh well here is their pic =D

they are young boys or should i said around my age guys... *blink* *blink* hahahhaha i like this guy and his name is lee jae jin.... oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!! he is so cute but in this pic he is hwat!!!!

*drooling* man man man and this guy in spec is choi min hwan

ekkkkk!!!!! so cute =D and this posing with hat is lee hong gi

adorable man..... *fainting ady* lol this just posing is oh won bin

and not forgetting ths last member of ft island.... choi jong hoon this pic shows his emo side

arg!!!!!!!!!!! i wanna buy their album mummy =) hahahahaha i still love dong bang shin ki but hey ft island is equally hot like dbsk *wink* ok ok now this guys are making me even wanna go korea more....

i had another dream oh well this is a private one not gonna post bout it.. if u wanna know ask me bout it.. lol im glad to tell this dream of mine =) anyway on 13th of september those who were from 4sc3 class of 2006... me me me lol hahahahha yup me will be having this hang out in parade at 1pm... see u guys there and i cant wait to meet u guys... lol my frens love them so much =D muaxxxxxxxxxxxxx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this means i have to bring my camera and take lots and lots of pic... hahahha will blog on it.. don worry =)

im still waiting for my ice cream -)

mcd sundae cone

loving it =)

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