Monday, September 15, 2008

one more post

hahahhaha thank u fiona for posting the trip bout sitiwan but hey im still a princess!!!!! blekz =P no matter what im still a princess get it fiona jie jie hahahhahaha btw sem started and im still at home recovering from my chicky porkie lol.... now everyone said this to me how is your chicken pork ar??? yee cheong la all your fault now hahahhahah =)

speaking of love ahhahahah i don know wat to say bout it.. i do like someone but im not gonna say who so is end of topic =)

hmmmm anyway i juz wanna say this thank u uncle justin although u r only 24 years old this year... hahhahah and don call me aunty cuz im younger den u kokoi =) thanks for helping me when it comes to bible... thank u so muchie and i will read the 2 books that u asl me to read ahahhahaha seem im on holiday i will spend more time with god =)

im having ellergy reaction due to the med dad ask me to eat... it nearly kill me but hahahaha it didnt... if im dead now oh gosh den i cannot see the love ones in my life =( wat the hacked!!!! actually i really wanna know how does it feel to die... im curious.......

well chicken pox to me ady make me feel like dying and it also lead me to depression so y cant i know more bout the feel of dying????? hmmmmmm anyway i think tat all... hahahhah slept late yesterday cuz i was writting down all the verses justin gave me and the explanation the he gave me.. it really help alot =)

time to watch tv now... im off bye =)

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