Monday, September 29, 2008


it has been so long that our gang have not meet each other... and today finally all of us are complete... our gang consists of me, joan, rachel, thanus, jeet jeet, michy, hasy, and jenny.... we are also known as snow white and the 7 dwarves =)...

early in the morning i woke up and prepared to go thanus house as i don feel like driving to jj and btw my eyes pain and also my legs are killing me... wat is wrong with me la???? anyway mitchy drove... lol it was so cool... in the car we were all talking nonsense =) upon reaching jj i help micthy park the car but it is the same like wat she did... lol anyway we meet with the rest and we are all super duper happy..... expression that cannot be explain =)

we all went to food and tea restaurant to eat... hahahha rachel make us wear this glasses of should i call it shades????

i look horrible.... lol and here e standing obeytion goes to jeet jeet as she is the late one =)

i took pic with joan and and and there is this waiter that my frens call him the young version of takeshi dude.... he kinda hated to serve us but too bad we are your customer!!!! =P practically i took lots of pics =) anyway i shall let the pics do the talking ....

joan look so hot in the shades... and as for me i am pretending to be a taylor student and promoting a bear =)

oh yeah saw jonan and gang.. the anderson's hahahha i was shock to see eric.... cuz it has been a while i did not see him ady.... =) anyway we all went jalan jalan den ended up in food court cuz we were like donut!!!! in the end we juz chat and chat... totally forgot bout it =D.... in food court we have this =)

mitchy and hasy was fighting over something in the phone..... i was laughing non stop =)

oh well i continue to camwhore and this is rachel with her cam... she took my pic i took her pic... =D

all smiling for the camera... like doin some advertisement man.... especially hasy o.o.....

from left: hasy, joan, me and rachel *shades* hahahahha look at jenny..... blurrrrrrrrr =)

after all this hey wait.... i totally forgot that we even brought movie tickets... =) some movie with takeshi kaneshiro acting in it... lol went to capcom... we took those pic using those mechine... well we went 2 macheine cuz it was kinda dissaponting that it cannot fit all of us inside.... hahahhaha but it was fun... i even took some pics with own camera... hahahahha i got in touch with my childhood times....

we were late for movie went in it was a total dissapoinment man... the movie was boring and i don understand wat it wa stalking about.... anyway me and thanus went out from the movie and went shopping =) we went vincci again and i told her which pair of heels i want... *smile smile* she said was nice and i was happy but i still have to wait for mum to come back.... went to mango tengok tengok..

den in esprit... we tried on some top and i totally adore this top... super expensive la and im shock cuz im wearing size L... i drop down one size =)

i finally got my mcd ice cream =) hahahha meet up with the rest as they finish their movie so we went padini =) again.... hahahahha there was a big sale duh raya ma.... and i always wanted this top ....

have to dig through so many pile of baju to find my beloved k.... i brought it and guess wat daddy brought back some too..... ekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!! i got lots of new baju to wear =) ahahhahha after that we went to esprit again and camwhore outside the shop b4 we leave.... see the frenship that u have during skul times really makes u go back time..

jill and me... i adore her and she hearts me =) i even heart joan.... and she heart me too =)

me and jenny aka cow or chicken????? hahahahha

me and tall jeet or model jeet???? wat do u think guys...

me and rachel!!!!!! =)

me and mitchy....

ma and joan again in esprit btw i forgot to take pics with thanus.... oh no... sprry thanus but u are forever in my heart k.... hehehehehe and lastly the group partially not there =) i enjoyed my day and it was really tiring

jenny is sleeping... hahahhahha i love u guys...

happy birthday sharon jessy kaur =)

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