Thursday, September 18, 2008

shophaholic is back!!!

oh well the moment in my life i have been waiting and here finally it came... my shopping mood is back in action.... *smiles* juz went jj juz now and suppose to go buy groceries for the house.. after that i told dad i really need to go watson to buy something... so.... i went watson brought my stuff... is cream la for my face =)

after that i decided to go pdi to see my friend and ho ho ho ho u guys get it... i brought 2 new tops... lol weeeee~ man i pay all myself le... u think my dad will pay for me??? well so after that i went down and i told dad can i go vincci ofr a while???? dad was like tat day buy ady still wanna buy again meh???? so i said wanna see only la pls???? den dad was like go la seems u r free from your pox go la go la *scream* off i went and now... i fall in love with this heels... grrrrrrrrr!!!!! but for me now got 20% sale le.... is black in colour and got style...

is 79.90 after discount will be... 63.92.... still worth to buy... lol gonna ask mummy to get for me when she is back... and also more tops from pdi as my fren told me is till october.... oooooooooo my shopping mood is back after like errrrrrr nearly 1 month of not doin it... hahahhaha

oh yea im goin out on sat to jj again... for frens b day.. so gonna enjoy the whole day =) will post bout it later on... lol

now i shall indulged in my 2 new tops and im hoping if anyone wanna get me that heels... lol im glad to tell u which one and well i will love u if u get it for me.... =) *smiles* *smiles*

is for u if u do read =)

p/s: im spamming potato in shas blog... lol i like tha story shas!!!!!! and i love spamming your c box =)


pismayka said...

me want go shoppinggg too.....:( ahhahaha

Ju Dee said...

hahahhah lets go together =)
i don mind
lol when r u coming back irene =)
when u come back we go 2gather want????