Thursday, September 18, 2008


well i don know wat wat to do.....well yesterday went church den after that went yum cha at persanjung with winson, joy, kylie *she is back from kampar*, andrew, yee cheong and ashley... awwwwww ashley is leaving soon to sweden and and and she will be buying chocolate for me...*smiles* well i drove to persanjung and i cant park nicely till several times.. wanted to drive the other car seems i drove to church so no need to change la but that car always no petrol... sickaning la my dad always don pump petrol in... so i change and off i went... there are some indian dude was sitting on my car while we were at persanjung... wat is this la???? sitting on ppls car like no one business....

yee cheong and andrew was telling me to put on the alarm.. i was no way den sooner or later my car become a place for sharing prob... the indians started talking bout probs at my car wei... ish ish ish wat la... anyway i was the topic of the day again.... *scream* from wall-e to jud-ee wei!!!!!! y la????

oh yea persanjung banyak mosquito la!!!!!!!! bite me like im free for blood... oh hahahha y i get to drive the other car out this is because.... dad is in genting and so no one knows whether i took the car out or not.... hahahhaha well nothing wrong is with the car la.... im a good driver =) but still hates driving *smiles non stop*

was in persanjung till 11 something at night so drove back and yee cheong car was behind mine... making sure im safe back home as a girl only driving alone in my car is quite scary le... den joy sms me asking me to drive slowly and make sure the cars around me... i was ok and im ady home and yee cheong's car was behind mine so im fine....

well i was under depression the whole day... although i put on a happy face around my friends im still under depression... well i think i will be ok... pls mind me la... this has been on for a very long time ady... i din tell is because i don feel like telling... don u guys remember????? i keep all to myself so this is wat happens.... well i think i will be ok so no need to worry... depress will be always depressed...

sometimes i feel that friends are juzt there for the sake of being there... i juz think that some friends are juz fakers.... sorry la but i serious cannot tahan ady... well all can tell me this..

well is juz that some are juz a pain in my ass... even if they go on an on without ppl knowing is juz faking it... well i don wanna say bout who la later say i gossip and all... as u guys know the tongue is the most evil part of the human body.... it is used to praise god and also it is used to cursed ppl... i have learn my lesson and so im continue reading the bible and making my own notes =)

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