Monday, September 15, 2008

tagged by lixin

1. the last person to tagged you is?

lixin weng kin sis and i hope is the last one =)

2. your relationship with him/her?

we are only friends....

3. your 5 impression towards him/her

  • at 1st talkative but in person she is shy
  • din know she is only form 1
  • smart like really smart those type
  • kinda friendly
  • don know la... don really know her that well

4. the most memorable thing that he/she has ever done for u?

errrr nothing le... only i did for her...

5. the most memorable words that he/she spoke to you?

hmmmm let see.... no.........

6. if he/she becomes your lover, you will.....

im not a lesbian ppl... i like guys =D

7. if she becomes your enermy, you will....

will i.. i don think so =)

8. if he/she become your lover, he/she has to improve on....

hello im a girl who like guys and i don fall for girls.... pls la im not a lesbian!!!!!!

9. if she becomes your enermy, the reason is...

hmmmm the way i talk??? or my attitude????

10. the most desirable things to do for him/her is........

don know le... im currently brainless =)

11. overall impression towards him/her is....

friendly that all......

12. how do you think the people oround you will feel about you?

well this is what i think... i know it can be wrong well.... is what i think... that im a bullyable girl and when i go anywhere... i have pinchable checks and they love playing with my hair which i don know why.... pls stop doin it =)

13. the character for you for yourself is?

elmo... hahahah cuz most of the time im emo well is juz recently....

14. on contrary, the character that you hate yourself is ?

i love myself.... and im proud of saying it =)

15. the most ideal person you want to be is ?

someone that i like hmmmmmmmm i will not say who =)

16. for the person who cares and like you, say something bout him/her

they cares and like me too

17. 10 ppl to tagged...

  • joan
  • jill
  • wendy
  • sharon
  • boon chuan
  • andrew
  • tyreal
  • fiona
  • patricia
  • suren

18. who is number 2 having relationship with?

like i know ask her yourself la hahahhaha

19. is 3 a male or female?

female la but when garang like male opps =X

20. if number 7 and 10 got togather, would that be a good thing?

wakakakakak both guys = gayness hahhahaha well they don know each other la....

21. how about 5 and 8?

errrrrrr nah 8 is older while 5 is younger den her.... no way!!!!

22. what is number 1 studying about

she is in f6 enjoying her life revolving around guys.. hahahha pls don smacked me joan =)

23. when is the last time u chat with them?

yesterday lo some more when wo

24. is number 4 still single?

well u all can have her... hahahha but i tel u wat u will be very dissapointed

25. say something bout number 2

he is my best fren although she is younger den me... seeing her makes me happy cuz we are j ppl which me j ppl rocks!!!!!!!!

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