Saturday, September 27, 2008


i had a great time yesterday... kinda went out the whole day but i did came back la... if i don i think dad woud have killed and chopped me in million pieces... hahahha in the afternoon i went to evelyn's house lepak for a while cuz zhen was out to buy lunch... anyway we all have a date with each other lol.... at evelyn's house we chat den drink water den tada off we went to zhen's house =)..... on the way man it was really raining heavily.... when we reach she is still not back so in car we all chat... evelyn tried on my jacket lol my hotel jacket.... =) when zhen is back i din know cuz my car was in front of her house so i kena move...

while in her house man we are all soak in rain.... lol oh yeah teddy and amber bising la.. but soon amber is quiet but teddy keeps on barking at us... lol gah!!!!!!!! amber so fat ady... form last time i saw her wei and she is so adorable... lol wanna take her back la...

this is teddy the bising one =X keep on barking at me and evelyn.... and and me kissing amber =)

i like amber big eyes... hahahaha me and evelyn even ask zhen can we bring amber back home... she said bring la bring la... like so senang like that..... den when the rain was getting lesser we all went to kopitiam behind jj... lol finally i get to eat my lunch or breakfast???

we all chatted and oh yea sam... zhen's fren was there too lol she was playin poker with zhen's laptop... hahahhaha she very funny la... halfway playing she ask wei my drink how come change ady le... lol so funnly la... well we all talked bout life and all... even some bout something and im not telling here... =)

it is great to catch up with frens again... after that took evelyn to jj to get her stuff... den went to her place for a while.... tinklebell loves me.... they said it will bite but nope she did not but lick me =)

after that took evelyn to author her skirts... cuz it was too big.. lol the same thing happen to me... it was super huge.... kinda have fun there... ohhhhhhhhh i saw this pants i like man is 45 bucks and i can fit in... lol errrrrrrrrrrrr i don know should i buy... well nah i think i got more den enough... hehehehehe send evelyn back den i went back and rest for a while....

on9 oh yeah i chatted with my fren from uk... wow miss her so much =) chat chat chat den den go out yum cha with wins they all... lol in chang jiang.... oooooooooo yee cheong came to my house and waited for weng kin to fetch us all there... lol he said the weather is warm tat y wanna stay in the car with air cond and all... i was like the weather super cold le... lol anyway went chang jiang... man i kena bully again.. since when im become yee cheong and weng kin's adopted doggie?????

don know la all i know i kena bully!!!!!!!!! lol it was fun la goin out with wins even better den errrrrrr i shall not continue..... went back at 1 something... hahahahah dad din scold me =o..... but he is soundly a sleep in his room... wakakakaka

2 day i got another date with evelyn... lol she is gonna fetch me =) oh no shoot my notes and assignments... i have to do =( gah don care la now... im looking forward for the bbq party and the sleepover at miss house... im gonna party whole nite with the seniors there???? ewwww got banana, blueberry and pineapple... hahahah HND and their names... lol =)

oh and a note to myself...

lol =)

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