Friday, October 31, 2008


went jj again... well woke up early and and off i went to jj for breakfast lol. i parked my car in the cinema parking and down i go to kopitiam to met up with my friends.... after breakfast went to the cinema for our movie... we all watch the coffin some horror movie which gave me goosebumps.....

it was really scary la... i keep on hugging fiona and she said she will be the 1st person gonna be abused in a cinema... hahahahha but something funny happen in cinema... chee leong our senior ar... pan sui dalam cinema le cuz he was pretty scared to watch this type of movie too.... yer!!!!!!! contamination in the cinema... hahhahaha... anyway i kinda asked lots of question while movie was on....

after movie we all went to johnny's for steamboat.... while gonna finish i saw chee leong's finger and OMG!!!!!! *SLAPS FOREHEAD* i keep on saying wu le jing sau wanna know why.... this is it....

aiyer!!!!!!! he got long finger nails even longer den mine =S..... i keep on asking him nonsense question in the end we conclude him as miang *fat hou* hahahahaha oh well after makan i went to giodarno with fiona and i fall in love with this top... is worth rm99... anyone buying it for me???

if no nvm i go spore and buy!!!! hahahahha i bet it will be more cheaper den here.... =) ok la i think i wanna go and play badminton with my friends... bye peeps =) last minute decision hahahahaha... sorry for the wrong info instaed of goin for a badminton game... i went to fiona's house instead cuz i don know where is the badminton court... hahahahhaha

reach her house played with crystle and we even took her out for a walked around the taman... should see crystle face when she was doin her business... hahahahha went back to her house i feed the tortoise and also turtles... learned how 2 play the guitar from eunice and he he he I FREAKING KNOW HOW 2 PLAY C, A MINOR, G AND D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ho ho ho happynya and now my fingers hurt... hahahhaah im gonna get my guitar and learned how to play.... =)

suppose to get kacang puteh for dad ended up take ada so so empty handed backed home lol =) oooooo continue from jj shopping today i brought a new headband from maggi T.... love it =)

Thursday, October 30, 2008


wooohooooo im not puntual again... lol was late for 15 minutes... finding parking la... went out with jethro i force him to go out lunch with me seems im all home alone =( but but he brighten up my day cuz finally got ppl go out lunch with me... hehehehhe well eric was there too but he was with his gang....

went mcd in jj and and i finally get to eat wat i craved for nuggets =) saw shas and guess wat he did... he said hi and wanted to shake my hand but i told him my hand dirty... he slaped me!!!! *buat muka kelian* hahahahha

after that meet up with justin, winson, joy and some friend of theirs... hahahahha i cannot finish my meal so they helped me =) jethro said im a pure banana... how la later if ppl communicate with me in canto.... gah!!!! and and and he even ask me am i an ipoh gal??? hahahha wat do u want me 2 say....

was still in mcd the whole time till shas came and makan and tata jethro cuz he follow ppl back and as for me im still home alone at that time so so so i followed shas for hunting something... lol i enjoyed although im tired but hey is nice.... went parade den went town... my car la hahahha i don mind =)

while he was buying something.... pica =)

i was in the passenger seat cuz shas drove my car..... loving today and might to enjoying 2 moro too... goin jj again for movie... man i have been goin jj alot nowadays... i might have juz sleep there....

thanks jethro for temaning me and im a good gal =) and and thanks shas for taking me go around ipoh... if not i will be home alone like some stupid fellow...hahhahhaha byes ppl im getting tired and the dizzyness is back =(


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

2 malls in one day

the moment i woke up from my beauty sleep at 11 something a.m.... i saw my aunt and cousin in my house living room... lol they were there to go out and i said something stupid... i wanna follow den my aunt said go la get ready and all i was like it will be long like that la u all go 1st den i'll come later... den my aunt said nvm la we wait u drive... *buat muka zadou*

so i drove them to tesco... hahahaha im not used to tesco cuz i seldom go... i got a good parking and is in front of the entrance of tesco... hahahhaha shop and shop and shop non stop... beli this beli that... obviously not me... i was enjoying chatting with my cousin =)

went back and put all the stuffs in petu sejuk... oh oh oh my aunt actually was trying to convience me to go econsave.... some mall i don think is mall at all la... hahahahha so yes i did.. lol drove there and here again shop shop*wat do u aspect to bring 2 aunties out* lol me and cousin keep on staring at them shop till they drop... hahahhaa

followed my aunts car back...*i mean there is 2 cars when we went econsave* so drop by at her house... bla bla bla went back using tigerlane... man big trucks driver sucks....

went home... oh yea i did not eat whole day and by the time i was home is ady 3 something.... gah ate few pieces of bread and i was having this bad headache.... so so i slept =0... hahahah i think is my low blood pressure... having anemia is something no good... feel tired all the time... so so so yeah but i was having this headache... sleep la!!!

gah feel so sicky now... nvm la but im looking forward for movie with frens on friday... ho ho ho =) and my aunt juz killed a cockroach in front of me... ekkkkkkkk *screams* lol dad went dinner again.... hmmmm BORING!!!!! i wanna go out =(

smiles smiles smiles =)

i miss someone

and i really do miss someone

one more b4 i sleep

is actually bout yesterday seems the clock juz strick 12... anyway it juz happen few hours back... well went to fiona's house b4 goin to rajes... well in rajes we waited super long cuz he was out to get some college fren who were lost somewhere over the rainbow....

suren...a was there lol and he was i mean she was rushing goin down to kl so he was there for a while.... well makan time... we ate without waiting for rajes and i can tell u the food was extremely delicious... =)

meka was there and i was being bully by them cuz they said i wanna ta pau muruku back... wat la i don want wei.... hehehhehe after party went back to fiona's house and guess wat i had bonding moments with crystle... =)

crystle is a dog.... she is so so cute and when i took this pic she was terrified with fire crackers sounds.... gah!!!!! and she cant stop shaking hands with me.... lol

forcing crystle to take pics... failed so this time i bully her even more

but indeed she is still not scared of me but she is scared of the fire crackers outside... hehehehe i love crystle =) well i still love cashie more lol

nites ppl im super tired now... lacked of sleep really make me feel sick =(

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

tired mood =(

gah kena tipu by sei bih tong.... said coming my house at 9 something and guess wat i woke up at 8 something and do watever im suppose to do juz to greet her arrival.... anyway she came at 10 something and couldnt find my house *buat muka jadou* so i have to go pick her up near ho seng onn school and off we went for rajes pressie hunting....

for the 1st and not my last time... i finally dare to park inside jj... that means i went up the slope with my hippy car which i juz bang it to a wall a few days back.... ho ho ho i love goin up now =)

me, fiona and bih tong finally got a present for rajes and and and it a parker pen =0... expensive u know.... hahaha craved his name on the pen and tadah we got a present for him ady... oh yeah fiona 's sis was there with us... hi eunice =)

ate lunch in food court and we went shopping... lol pass by those christmas stuff in jj so so so hahahahha we went camwhoring

bagi la duit sebab i tolong promote.... hahahahha ooooo fiona have to go back early cuz she brought food her bro so so so bye and left me and bih tong strolling around boring jj =S... oh yeah i saw joanna, joses, yung yao and jia yao in jj and even peng peng... hahahah you guys would not believe who i meet... i saw pn ang and and and and *drums rolling* pn halena.... yes HALENA!!!

ekkkkk she was with her daughter and son and she never change at all... her make up was like *slaps forehead* hahahha couldnt even describe... im out of words regarding bout her make up... lol only me and those from mgs knows... hahahaha

went back after that and my cousin from chicago is back... yeah!!!! *happy* and she will be here for 2 and a half weeks... bih tong was super sked cuz my house got lots of ppl... my aunt, cousin and even dad is back from work... hahahahha went out again to the bank and and and went to the butique too... got my shorts =)

currently bih tong is sleeping in my room while me im blogging... later will be in rajes birthday party... hmmmmm man i really need to rest la... ma hai always go out never rest.... ish ish ish...

something different for this post... i got this for one day... =S

  • 2 new nail polish
  • headphone *pink colour*
  • my hydration mask
  • shorts

i think tat all la.... hahahahha adious ppl.... =)

Monday, October 27, 2008

im still bored

i am really bored.... so i have decided to blog bout the new lappy im gonna get =) like end of this year.... i love my parents lol thanks so much.... here is it

wat do u think???? hahahahha i love the black one.... i also adore the purple one... well i have to see the real one den only i can decide which i one... hohohoho this will be my christmas pressie... *buat muka golek jek*

dad ask me to choose hp... even mum ask me to choose hp.... wat la anyway will be getting this end of the year... wooooooohooooooo happy happy happy

oh i got bitten by this tiny ant... lol i felt the pain and it hurts.... gah lame me.... i think i really got nothing to do... im gonna continue looking at fashion stuff on9 =) that is wat i have been doin for the past couple hours.... hahahaha good fashion tips from those websites =D


today is deepavali.... hmmmm i think i fong fei kei for one invatation.... opps!!!!!!!!! hahahah i don wanna drive out la... i slept at 4 am yesterday and i was woken up at 7... gosh!!!! how horrible can that be???? anyway i went back to sleep and im awaken again by my dad at 11 am... wat happen to my good sleeping moments????

yeah so im having lack of sleep and i cant sleep now.... went out juz now for lunch with mum's friend... went all the way to gunung rapat but shop was close so we went all the way to old town...

and now im back home blogging... 2 nite will be a lonely nite cuz dad is having dinner with all his drinking kaki... man man man anyone wanna go out 2 nite??? lol btw i think i should stay at home and rest more....

2 moro will be an exciting day i hope.... goin jj and nite im goin tambun for some party... ho ho ho looking forward to it =) oh yeah mummy called back yesterday nite from spore... man she ask me this.... Y DID U BANG THE CAR!!!!!!!!

all i can do is explain explain and explain in the end im safe.... i din get scolding from both parents but the did said this..... u have bad estimation.... gah!!!!!! stop with estimation thingy la... i shall resume driving as soon as possible =) i forgot to tell my mum which laptop i want!!!! man im having bad memory.... hahahha i will tell 2 nite =D

i think thats all.... being alone at home is kinda scary =S *buat muka takut* hahahha i now shall go and watch horror movie alone... lol bye ppl =)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

tired and fun weekend

requested as my front are small so so i bolded it so some ppl can read nicely... *yes bih tong im refering to u* ok ok here it goes....


oh well i had a tiring day... like i said before me and friends are goin syuen to work part time... hahahha and is for some graduate for IUTM.... all malays lol so no beer or alcohol are being served which make the job easy... NOPE!!!! is still the same..

we meet up at syuen like 4.00 i was there 1st... ho ho ho im not late this time im puntual... fuyoh 1st time im puntual... lol *buat muka golek* anyway so me and patricia park our car inside the syuen parking area... man man from that time i ady got this weird feeling but nvm.. meet up with the rest and ok we all went to the security for wat do u call.... i don know la hahahhaha

once reach there we got lost in the lift... we don know which floor so so so finally the man saw us.. so we followed went through some procedure and walah we are in the banquet hall... we were given short briefing and bla bla bal waited for like 2 hours standing... =( gah for the sake of money yes don care...

so so so we took pics.. it was kinda enjoying at the first round but soon man it was really sickaning....

there are more pics coming... lol still haven grab from fren.... =) anyway it was super tiring and wat can i say i have muscle ache now for doing all this... hahaha we got rm 26.50 for the whole nite for working from 4 something goin to 5 till after 12 midnight... is not easy now... after all the work we all wanted to eat so we all kinda rush to our cars... lol and something happen to my car i bang the wall while coming down... and now the dent looks super ugly....

oh well dad said this prove gals have bad estimation... fine fine fine i agree la... ish u win la...


woke up kinda early... den went to wendy's house hahahha fetch her for lunch with ding kat mcd... due to the muscle pain im having... she drove my car instead... lol i even ask ding to prepared for me plaster for my blisters kat my kaki... mmg sakit sampai sekarang i cannot walk nicely...

after mcd went church for prayers and hey 2 days youth i din really participate much.... im seriously having body pain the whole time =(.... oh well wedny drove my car to send brandon back and send herself back... den i took over to send sabrina back... lol she was kinda terrified when i told her my driving was bad and ask her did u pray???? but actually is not bad... hahahhaha see i have improved is juz that my estimation is bad....

came back rest for a while i think and got ready for lilians birthday party... yee cheong fetch me and off we went... in car i wanted to sleep see see yee cheong said no and i was talking the whole time in the car... hahahhah i enjoyed the party oh well i still have this awkward feeling... don know y le???? oh well after matt and the rest left me, yee cheong, ashley, marx, weng kin, joy, winson, justin, arvin, kylie and andy stayed back and played mafia with lilian.... hahahhahah is was super fun man... here are some candids =)

while playing winson and yee cheong did the most noise.... but it was super funny.... they can really talk non stop man... like i said mostly crap talks...

innocent citizen fighting for life to find the real mafia... hahahha damn funny =)

me and birthday gal... lol finally she got her eyebrow piercing... heheheh love that man =)

this pic has the effect of joy sucking my finger... hahahhaa and den she forced me =(

after all the party we decided to go chang jiang to yum cha... again there we continue to crap non stop.... was there till super late... went back with weng kin and i really got freak out... i thought im ok with it but soon the fear was still there after some skidded thingy while i was driving.... the horror was there!!!!

im still sked... lol

p/s: i am not anemic.... i am not having anemia.... =(

Friday, October 24, 2008

a night at halo cafe

it was a wonderful or should i say most happening night... went to halo cafe with soo mae my lovely friend in school and also know as my tai so... =) miss her so much and she is super duper pretty now... we meet up in halo cafe and guess wat im not late... im there early *smiles*

was there from 9 something till 12 something... we chat and chat non stop and we laugh till our hearts drop... we even talked bout wat happen to our friends in school, wat happen in school... it was all memorable moments that we have....

we sat there enjoying listening to the live band playing and guess wat we even make freinds with them... well it only left us cuz we don feel like leaving and making them sing to no one so we stayed till their shift is over.... we even sang some songs and wow my friend really can sing... hehehhehe she is goin back to kl 2 moro but we will be meeting each other soon as we have plan to go genting during the holidays.... looking forward to that man.. =)

love ya and miss ya my tai so =)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

still thinks they are perfect

i seriously got bore now... this ppl really bore me man... calling one a circus clown... see who is the clown now and saying girls as bastard???? hello that doesnt applies to girls my dear.... *rolling eyes*

and u don even understand wat is ignorance is bliss... hahahhaha this i gotta laugh my arse out... and defending in other languages... telling the whole wide world that u can speak that... man u r juz showing off... i don mind being black hearted.... cuz the one being balck hearted is u... opps did i juz said that... yeah i did

my blog la dei... u r so bimboish man.... but i kinda enjoyed everything.... looking down on fat people and calling them one wat am i gonna say look in the mirror yourself... i shall continue to blog peachfully man =)

there is no one perfect in this world

well i decided to post one more... i am in a mood to blog now... bersemangat!!!!!!! i would juz wanna say that there is no one perfect in this world... and the only perfect one is God himself... there some pathetic bitch really wanna seek the attention by spamming ppl blog... i don really know how did she came across ppl blog but hey... u seriosuly need to get a life!!!!

she goes around calling ppl names and the way she reply thinks like she is some goddess or something where she is perfectly in this world... hmmmm i felt pity for this type of ppl where they really lacked lots of attention... hahahhaha dude talked to the hand.... u think i care???? nope IN YOUR DREAMS that u think u r perfect....

and as for me i know myself ten billion or trillion times... even infinity more den you do... i don need ppl to judge me... *showing middle finger*

btw im suppose to help calson to promote his blog... lol feel free to see his blog... is amazing =)

Something Funny

i had an extremely wonderful day where me and friends get to do service... at one part i did screwed up where i was suppose to asked coffee or tea but ended saying this do you want your dessert being served now??? 0.0 i got a very stupid answer too... well sure how bout now .... gah!!!!!

i got to decorate a muffin all thanks to chee leong but i kinda destroy it... =S but it looks nice... there were complains from ppl saying that the dish is not warm and all... all i know that my job is to served ppl coffee and tea and at the same time removed the dirty dishes...

when most of the guest left.... this nirmal ar i seriously was testing me as he is an ex student.... keep on asking me questions... but i did manage to used my brain and reply him in a good way... lol *buat muka proud*

after all that cleaning up going back.. before leaving college i interview nirmal y did u shaved your head bald??? this is wat i get... cuz i get to sleep longer by 5 minutes, no need to buy shampoo, save money on gel and wax and so on... this answer was also given by haresh... man man man guys... hahahhaha he even add this saying that he looks more handsome now... *buat muka don care*

it was raining heavily so so so i have to run under the rain again.... it seems that i have been walikng under the rain since last week... hmmmm don care... i did enjoy the fun... =)

bitch seriously juz bore me... ignorance is bliss!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i don mind someone hating me in my... wtf this is my blog lol or should i juz categorise u as some **** where u get to see those by the road side... lol =)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

getting started

it is only a day after finishing my assignments and guess wat im ady starting to be lazy... gah!!! anyway im gonna work on friday... 0.0 *eyes wide open* yeah i juz said that im gonna work for one night in Syuen Hotel for some function... i can juz say bye to my yum cha session with my friends and enjoy the shit out of me working in Syuen.

it starts from 5-11 pm... rm3.50 per hour wei... my 1st working experience... hahhahaa i hope i don screwed it or wat... oh yea 2 moro im gonna do service in college cafeteria... serving people again... hmmmmm i don mind as long im enjoying... but 2 moro i have to be extremely serious and not fool around like i used to.

judee+serious=end of the world

hmmmmm i think i got nothing to say ady le... oh well some ppl juz need to get a life... i juz feel annoyed when someone juz say this and that... i get your words that im FAT... oh btw u din even know how i look like b4 all this camwhoring started... i am even fater den now... i am still on diet and wat do u want me to say.... i love being an aneroxic so that ppl make me feel like im one of them... i feel belong in this in group thingy or wat???? suit yourself wat the freaking hell you wanna say... oh shoot did i even said i don know u... YEAH I DON EVEN KNOW U!!!!!

deepavali is coming which means movies, yum cha session and also hanging around with my besties..... im in the mood of going clubs for drinking session... =)

im done

i am finally relief cuz i finish all of my assignments.... =) that is such a good news dont u think so??? with almost sleepness night and tiring day i manage to make it through... i can just see a rainbow ahead of me =)

lets see wat am i gonna blog about... oh yea im FINALLY BACK!!!! dudes and dweebs... hahahahha miss me?? i knwo u guys do... let start by saturday cuz it was my most embarrassed moment in my life... drove to ampang to fetch wendy for lunch before fetching shas... ekkkkk!! i drove with my handbreak up for like freaking 2 km.... gosh!!!!!!! well wat do u aspect im sleepy it is all written on my face the word SLEEPY.

after fetching shas drove to bercham for chicken rice... as usual me i did not finish my food.. i was to indulged into my sleepyness mode hence i did not drive to church but wendy did.. lol man i was sleeping happily in the car... =) really need that b4 goin for youth...

during ice breaker stupid gurchi choose me for forfeit... apa ni have to go up stage and dance some mr bean dance.. man i tell u i so wanna scream at gurhi!!!! lol

i really did enjoyed oh btw i did not drive back... lol kononnya is because raining and for the safety of passengers in my car like wendy and babi raj *deva* hmmmm shas drove my car... it seems lots of people drove my car...

tat all i din go service.. kinda over slept.. oopps sorry =)

oh i juz feel like bragging about the new top i brought in jj 2day... lol went jj to pay my hp bill see see i fall in love with this top and i juz brought it.... =) *buat muka golek*

oh wait im getting a laptop soooonnnnnnnnnnn!!!!! hehehehehe dell dell dell dell some senior said see bad gal.. buy laptop also wanna choose that brand

to him

dell= some bad word

hahahahhaah =D im still a good gal for your info.... =) y people keep on asking me this... y never come to infuse ady???

i left infuse!!!! get it -__-

not going back =)

*buat muka proud*

Friday, October 17, 2008

Im not suppose to be here

*bummer* im not suppose to be blogging... im suppose to do my assignments... hmmmm can i finish in time for the rest of my assignment... i left 2 and due date is on thursday and friday next week... can i make it?????? can i??? hmmmm well let see... i don know... =)

i got my colour lens =D im super duper happy... i wore the green one today and this is how i look like....

i know i know it looks so not me.... hahahha don care.... i LOVE it... *smiles* oh shoot my face is getting fatter..... i mean it here it goes again my self obsessed.... hmmmm gotta stop eating man.... im goin on a crash diet... woooosahhhhhh!!!!! i don care.. fren said if i continue might as well attend my funeral after 3 or 4 months... hahahhaha

my driving is pretty scary now... *alert* be at risk to sit my car.... hahahahha but im still freak out of wat happen... =S and and for your info jacky.... im straight and i like guys.... i am not a LESBIAN!!!!!! not like u so gay... opps =X

im on a diet!!!!!! no more junk pls =)

p/s: i will not be blogging till assignments are done okay.... miss mummy badly now =(

i am not a lesbian!!!!!!

i am straight =)

Monday, October 13, 2008

my weekend

hello ppl..... yes sorry for not updating as i am too busy with my pengajian malaysia assignment... well look on the bright side... I FINISH IT!!!! lol one down 2 more to go.... =) i had a wonderful weekend.... describe wonderful??? it all started on friday where me and my frens went to Indulgence for our f&b assignment.... oh well i was late... yes im always the late one... i am never puntual...

when i reach all was there sitting getting ready to order wat they want.... hahah miss said take photo so so here im the camera provider *smiles*

this is my group for f&B assignment.... lol is the gals team... which consist of me, fiona, bih tong and patricia aka lou ling... opps =X lol not forgetting miss =) after taking our orders i decided to like go around and take photoes for our assignment...

the place where we were sitting

the bar room*idk wat u called it la*

the toilet

the wall and the awards

the food.... =)

when it comes to food definately everyone was super happy.... well let see i ordered tuna vul...*i think i spell wrongly* fiona ordered lagsana.... pat and bih tong ordered spaghetti and miss order some poultry dish which i don remember the name at all.... in the begining they served us with corn bread and the dishes that they gave was so so cute... =) including the cruet set.... hahahaha i adore them man...

chicken spaghetti bolognese

chicken lagsana

tuna vul

miss poultry dish... is so nice....

the drink...

ok for drink bih tong and fiona drank hot lemon tea while patricia drank ice lemon tea of for your info they used earl grey tea which is errrrr don know ... miss was sky juice and me some passion drink... is a mixture of passion fruit and mango... in the begining i don really like it but hey is ok la...

the dessert corner

the building and parking place

the logo and us promoting it...

oh did i tell u guys that i found a new bf.... lol the totoise...

and some random pics that i shot in indulgence... i should have juz took up photography instead of hotel management now... hahahhaha =)

well after that we went to jj cuz i wanted to buy shampoo but ended up did not buy so we all went window shopping... this time yes i went window shopping judee did not buy anything!!!!! oh ya before i continue bout jj... i spend freaking rm 50 juz for lunch... shoot!!!! im broke =S

lol went jj watch movie fury and is nice.... never thought it will be nice... ppl should watch and b4 movie we make bih tong wear skirt as she never wore b4 so we came up with this that everyone birthday they muz wear skirt.... sorry bih tong u have to!!!!

at nite went yum cha at chang jiang... was having this bad headache but i tahan and still can drive back home..... was back late la like 1 something.... =) den on saturday i got ready for youth lol super super excited as i miss being in cey again.... =) oh yeah im carless so i follow nicolas to youth..... and on sunday i went for 1st service man im super tired woke up at 7 and i felt sleepy... the day b4 i was doin my stupid assignment and results panda eyes.... hahahhaha went home after service makan and tidur straight away.... hmmmmmmm tat sounds so pwiggy wei....

2 day im gonna go for the sushi bonanza thingy.... hahahahha getting ready now so byes ppl... i love eing in cop and i love being a member of cey =)

p/s: futsal is deadly!!!!!!!!!! hahahhha but i love it don know y =)

ok im lazy to press new post so i decided to continue here.... back from sushi king bonanza thingy and im super full... lol oh yea i hurt my left ear and it keeps on bleeding.... gah!!! doc said im safe cuz it did not damage the eardrum... =S but the wound is deep and is near the eardrum... lol anyway back to sushi king...

we were there around 2 something and we have to wait for quite some time... i saw zhen and sam... i ask her i thought u r suppose to be back... she said 2 moro only hahahah den finally food time =)

only manage to take a few pics... hahahaha the guys table which consist of chee leong, soong seng, min kin, mr foong and wat her name i don know la....

mr foong keeps on taking a candid of us so is play back time that i used my camera 2 take pics of them.... hahahhaha we ate and ate till we are all bloated up... see the amount that we ate... well guys table won cuz they ate more den 30 plates and us 20 something.... hahahahha

im so so gonna come again to eat... errrrr don know when only hahahhaha =) oh yea i got back my car and and im quite impressed... errr interior changing at this stage... rm 500+ well dad was like hmmmmm next will be servicing my car and also respraying it back.... can u imagine how much will it cost????? i cannot.... =( hmmmmm i think i should stop spending money....

p/s: another doctor trip made by me.... the 4th time in a row.....spend rm70 on antibiotics... stupid la wat is goin on with me.... i don wanna see the doc again =(