Wednesday, October 29, 2008

2 malls in one day

the moment i woke up from my beauty sleep at 11 something a.m.... i saw my aunt and cousin in my house living room... lol they were there to go out and i said something stupid... i wanna follow den my aunt said go la get ready and all i was like it will be long like that la u all go 1st den i'll come later... den my aunt said nvm la we wait u drive... *buat muka zadou*

so i drove them to tesco... hahahaha im not used to tesco cuz i seldom go... i got a good parking and is in front of the entrance of tesco... hahahhaha shop and shop and shop non stop... beli this beli that... obviously not me... i was enjoying chatting with my cousin =)

went back and put all the stuffs in petu sejuk... oh oh oh my aunt actually was trying to convience me to go econsave.... some mall i don think is mall at all la... hahahahha so yes i did.. lol drove there and here again shop shop*wat do u aspect to bring 2 aunties out* lol me and cousin keep on staring at them shop till they drop... hahahhaa

followed my aunts car back...*i mean there is 2 cars when we went econsave* so drop by at her house... bla bla bla went back using tigerlane... man big trucks driver sucks....

went home... oh yea i did not eat whole day and by the time i was home is ady 3 something.... gah ate few pieces of bread and i was having this bad headache.... so so i slept =0... hahahah i think is my low blood pressure... having anemia is something no good... feel tired all the time... so so so yeah but i was having this headache... sleep la!!!

gah feel so sicky now... nvm la but im looking forward for movie with frens on friday... ho ho ho =) and my aunt juz killed a cockroach in front of me... ekkkkkkkk *screams* lol dad went dinner again.... hmmmm BORING!!!!! i wanna go out =(

smiles smiles smiles =)

i miss someone

and i really do miss someone

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