Sunday, October 5, 2008

the day i said goodbye again

GOSH!!!!!!!!!! yesterday juz send mummy to the bus station and there she goes again.... bye bye mummy... i seriously hate saying goodbye =( don u know how hurting is it to say bye like that.... goin through a break down in life although i looked super happy on the outside... anyway i din go youth but i is my decision to spend time with mummy before she leave...

went facial with her and it was super long me not goin for facial.... i can tell u how long... AGES!!!!! hahahhaha did argue with her in the car.... i was guiding her fren there but she insisted tat i go back home as her fren was waiting there.... the thing is her fren is juz behind my car... anyway is all over...... all emo back???? haih i am but i will juz leave it one side and move on... no matter how sad i am.... i will survive =)

drove to cop 2 day.... lol shocking???? nah dad was cursing me the day before so tat i wont drive so far.... he was saying bang car den u know.... wah.... WTF!!! am i that bad in driving... jezzzzzz have faith in me pls... hahahahha

i got hitting from jonan or jia yao!!!!! wat is this.... morning beating??? i admit i was sleepy.... hahahaha but y beat me up la??? *stares* oooooo not feeling well now... hahahahah feel like puking again... but i am goin out to extream park later.... don care =) im fine i will not puked if i do... juz pretend nothing happen.....

the past is a past
i will forget bout it
mayb i was dumb
even to believe u in the 1st place
im not being poetic or wat
i juz feel like typing bout it
is all over =)

me+music+futsal=boonmo =)

sun giving a good effect

P/S: i think i did abuse my drinking habit.... but who cares... me an alcoholic =) and im thinking of getting a tattoo and also a tongue piercing

add something here..... results are out and i don even know bout it... freaking website don let me see my results and im nervous..... damn!!!!!!! and im still enjoying like nothing happen.... WTH!!!! i want good results =(

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