Thursday, October 30, 2008


wooohooooo im not puntual again... lol was late for 15 minutes... finding parking la... went out with jethro i force him to go out lunch with me seems im all home alone =( but but he brighten up my day cuz finally got ppl go out lunch with me... hehehehhe well eric was there too but he was with his gang....

went mcd in jj and and i finally get to eat wat i craved for nuggets =) saw shas and guess wat he did... he said hi and wanted to shake my hand but i told him my hand dirty... he slaped me!!!! *buat muka kelian* hahahahha

after that meet up with justin, winson, joy and some friend of theirs... hahahahha i cannot finish my meal so they helped me =) jethro said im a pure banana... how la later if ppl communicate with me in canto.... gah!!!! and and and he even ask me am i an ipoh gal??? hahahha wat do u want me 2 say....

was still in mcd the whole time till shas came and makan and tata jethro cuz he follow ppl back and as for me im still home alone at that time so so so i followed shas for hunting something... lol i enjoyed although im tired but hey is nice.... went parade den went town... my car la hahahha i don mind =)

while he was buying something.... pica =)

i was in the passenger seat cuz shas drove my car..... loving today and might to enjoying 2 moro too... goin jj again for movie... man i have been goin jj alot nowadays... i might have juz sleep there....

thanks jethro for temaning me and im a good gal =) and and thanks shas for taking me go around ipoh... if not i will be home alone like some stupid fellow...hahhahhaha byes ppl im getting tired and the dizzyness is back =(


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