Tuesday, October 21, 2008

getting started

it is only a day after finishing my assignments and guess wat im ady starting to be lazy... gah!!! anyway im gonna work on friday... 0.0 *eyes wide open* yeah i juz said that im gonna work for one night in Syuen Hotel for some function... i can juz say bye to my yum cha session with my friends and enjoy the shit out of me working in Syuen.

it starts from 5-11 pm... rm3.50 per hour wei... my 1st working experience... hahhahaa i hope i don screwed it or wat... oh yea 2 moro im gonna do service in college cafeteria... serving people again... hmmmmm i don mind as long im enjoying... but 2 moro i have to be extremely serious and not fool around like i used to.

judee+serious=end of the world

hmmmmm i think i got nothing to say ady le... oh well some ppl juz need to get a life... i juz feel annoyed when someone juz say this and that... i get your words that im FAT... oh btw u din even know how i look like b4 all this camwhoring started... i am even fater den now... i am still on diet and wat do u want me to say.... i love being an aneroxic so that ppl make me feel like im one of them... i feel belong in this in group thingy or wat???? suit yourself wat the freaking hell you wanna say... oh shoot did i even said i don know u... YEAH I DON EVEN KNOW U!!!!!

deepavali is coming which means movies, yum cha session and also hanging around with my besties..... im in the mood of going clubs for drinking session... =)

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