Saturday, October 4, 2008

hahahha woke up early and i fetch shas from the plaza toll thingy.... is was so cool tat i got to explore ipoh in a different way... im hunting for roads... and now im officially!!!!!!!! DAMN LOVING DRIVING FOR THE BLOODY 1ST TIME!!!!! hahahahha serious judee loves driving.....

ate breakfast near shas housing area and i bumped into joan, jill and mum... lol shas make me makan fast!!!!!!!!! after that all the way to town to fetch mua mummy... back to canning garden area to do my stupid car...... change tyres... now my car got 4 brand new hippy tyres... lol but is the same la........ shit la!!!!!! waited so long in the shop for changing tyres well at least i got company.... was smsing with william... someone kena saman lol pity u la =)

after that went kopitiam behind jj with mum and fren.... god bro suppose to go but ended up kena scolded by mum to jaga rumah.... I MISS MY KHAI KOR!!!!!!!!

makan kat situ and now im hell full thanks to the noodle i ate.... lol went home and rest for a while but im out again to kopitiam.... the same freaking shop!!!!!!!! but this time was with wins and the rest.... hahahhahah finally andrew is back =)

bumped into teh teh, yi jun, FKY, mei sin and amanda * damn missing u guys* hahahah chated for a very long time... deng la they all go clubbing kat rums.... me nah not now =)

SOOONNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!! hehehehehe had wonderful time..... i stupidity need to lose weight..... hahahahhaha stop eating judee!!!!!!!!!!!!

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