Monday, October 27, 2008


today is deepavali.... hmmmm i think i fong fei kei for one invatation.... opps!!!!!!!!! hahahah i don wanna drive out la... i slept at 4 am yesterday and i was woken up at 7... gosh!!!! how horrible can that be???? anyway i went back to sleep and im awaken again by my dad at 11 am... wat happen to my good sleeping moments????

yeah so im having lack of sleep and i cant sleep now.... went out juz now for lunch with mum's friend... went all the way to gunung rapat but shop was close so we went all the way to old town...

and now im back home blogging... 2 nite will be a lonely nite cuz dad is having dinner with all his drinking kaki... man man man anyone wanna go out 2 nite??? lol btw i think i should stay at home and rest more....

2 moro will be an exciting day i hope.... goin jj and nite im goin tambun for some party... ho ho ho looking forward to it =) oh yeah mummy called back yesterday nite from spore... man she ask me this.... Y DID U BANG THE CAR!!!!!!!!

all i can do is explain explain and explain in the end im safe.... i din get scolding from both parents but the did said this..... u have bad estimation.... gah!!!!!! stop with estimation thingy la... i shall resume driving as soon as possible =) i forgot to tell my mum which laptop i want!!!! man im having bad memory.... hahahha i will tell 2 nite =D

i think thats all.... being alone at home is kinda scary =S *buat muka takut* hahahha i now shall go and watch horror movie alone... lol bye ppl =)

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