Tuesday, October 21, 2008

im done

i am finally relief cuz i finish all of my assignments.... =) that is such a good news dont u think so??? with almost sleepness night and tiring day i manage to make it through... i can just see a rainbow ahead of me =)

lets see wat am i gonna blog about... oh yea im FINALLY BACK!!!! dudes and dweebs... hahahahha miss me?? i knwo u guys do... let start by saturday cuz it was my most embarrassed moment in my life... drove to ampang to fetch wendy for lunch before fetching shas... ekkkkk!! i drove with my handbreak up for like freaking 2 km.... gosh!!!!!!! well wat do u aspect im sleepy it is all written on my face the word SLEEPY.

after fetching shas drove to bercham for chicken rice... as usual me i did not finish my food.. i was to indulged into my sleepyness mode hence i did not drive to church but wendy did.. lol man i was sleeping happily in the car... =) really need that b4 goin for youth...

during ice breaker stupid gurchi choose me for forfeit... apa ni have to go up stage and dance some mr bean dance.. man i tell u i so wanna scream at gurhi!!!! lol

i really did enjoyed oh btw i did not drive back... lol kononnya is because raining and for the safety of passengers in my car like wendy and babi raj *deva* hmmmm shas drove my car... it seems lots of people drove my car...

tat all i din go service.. kinda over slept.. oopps sorry =)

oh i juz feel like bragging about the new top i brought in jj 2day... lol went jj to pay my hp bill see see i fall in love with this top and i juz brought it.... =) *buat muka golek*

oh wait im getting a laptop soooonnnnnnnnnnn!!!!! hehehehehe dell dell dell dell some senior said see bad gal.. buy laptop also wanna choose that brand

to him

dell= some bad word

hahahahhaah =D im still a good gal for your info.... =) y people keep on asking me this... y never come to infuse ady???

i left infuse!!!! get it -__-

not going back =)

*buat muka proud*

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