Friday, October 17, 2008

Im not suppose to be here

*bummer* im not suppose to be blogging... im suppose to do my assignments... hmmmm can i finish in time for the rest of my assignment... i left 2 and due date is on thursday and friday next week... can i make it?????? can i??? hmmmm well let see... i don know... =)

i got my colour lens =D im super duper happy... i wore the green one today and this is how i look like....

i know i know it looks so not me.... hahahha don care.... i LOVE it... *smiles* oh shoot my face is getting fatter..... i mean it here it goes again my self obsessed.... hmmmm gotta stop eating man.... im goin on a crash diet... woooosahhhhhh!!!!! i don care.. fren said if i continue might as well attend my funeral after 3 or 4 months... hahahhaha

my driving is pretty scary now... *alert* be at risk to sit my car.... hahahahha but im still freak out of wat happen... =S and and for your info jacky.... im straight and i like guys.... i am not a LESBIAN!!!!!! not like u so gay... opps =X

im on a diet!!!!!! no more junk pls =)

p/s: i will not be blogging till assignments are done okay.... miss mummy badly now =(

i am not a lesbian!!!!!!

i am straight =)

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