Monday, October 27, 2008

im still bored

i am really bored.... so i have decided to blog bout the new lappy im gonna get =) like end of this year.... i love my parents lol thanks so much.... here is it

wat do u think???? hahahahha i love the black one.... i also adore the purple one... well i have to see the real one den only i can decide which i one... hohohoho this will be my christmas pressie... *buat muka golek jek*

dad ask me to choose hp... even mum ask me to choose hp.... wat la anyway will be getting this end of the year... wooooooohooooooo happy happy happy

oh i got bitten by this tiny ant... lol i felt the pain and it hurts.... gah lame me.... i think i really got nothing to do... im gonna continue looking at fashion stuff on9 =) that is wat i have been doin for the past couple hours.... hahahaha good fashion tips from those websites =D

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