Friday, October 31, 2008


went jj again... well woke up early and and off i went to jj for breakfast lol. i parked my car in the cinema parking and down i go to kopitiam to met up with my friends.... after breakfast went to the cinema for our movie... we all watch the coffin some horror movie which gave me goosebumps.....

it was really scary la... i keep on hugging fiona and she said she will be the 1st person gonna be abused in a cinema... hahahahha but something funny happen in cinema... chee leong our senior ar... pan sui dalam cinema le cuz he was pretty scared to watch this type of movie too.... yer!!!!!!! contamination in the cinema... hahhahaha... anyway i kinda asked lots of question while movie was on....

after movie we all went to johnny's for steamboat.... while gonna finish i saw chee leong's finger and OMG!!!!!! *SLAPS FOREHEAD* i keep on saying wu le jing sau wanna know why.... this is it....

aiyer!!!!!!! he got long finger nails even longer den mine =S..... i keep on asking him nonsense question in the end we conclude him as miang *fat hou* hahahahaha oh well after makan i went to giodarno with fiona and i fall in love with this top... is worth rm99... anyone buying it for me???

if no nvm i go spore and buy!!!! hahahahha i bet it will be more cheaper den here.... =) ok la i think i wanna go and play badminton with my friends... bye peeps =) last minute decision hahahahaha... sorry for the wrong info instaed of goin for a badminton game... i went to fiona's house instead cuz i don know where is the badminton court... hahahahhaha

reach her house played with crystle and we even took her out for a walked around the taman... should see crystle face when she was doin her business... hahahahha went back to her house i feed the tortoise and also turtles... learned how 2 play the guitar from eunice and he he he I FREAKING KNOW HOW 2 PLAY C, A MINOR, G AND D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ho ho ho happynya and now my fingers hurt... hahahhaah im gonna get my guitar and learned how to play.... =)

suppose to get kacang puteh for dad ended up take ada so so empty handed backed home lol =) oooooo continue from jj shopping today i brought a new headband from maggi T.... love it =)


=j0aNnE= said...

Gosh Judeee!
Kacang Puteh reminds me of the days we went swimming!!
When are we going swimming again?!?!?!

Rmb tat ramlee burger stall we used to buy?!?!
Great times wei!=)


Ju Dee said...

hahhahahha yeah it has been quite along time we have not been goin swimming togather...
yup i still remember the burger well ady 3 years i have not been swimming le
u come back den we go togather =)