Friday, October 24, 2008

a night at halo cafe

it was a wonderful or should i say most happening night... went to halo cafe with soo mae my lovely friend in school and also know as my tai so... =) miss her so much and she is super duper pretty now... we meet up in halo cafe and guess wat im not late... im there early *smiles*

was there from 9 something till 12 something... we chat and chat non stop and we laugh till our hearts drop... we even talked bout wat happen to our friends in school, wat happen in school... it was all memorable moments that we have....

we sat there enjoying listening to the live band playing and guess wat we even make freinds with them... well it only left us cuz we don feel like leaving and making them sing to no one so we stayed till their shift is over.... we even sang some songs and wow my friend really can sing... hehehhehe she is goin back to kl 2 moro but we will be meeting each other soon as we have plan to go genting during the holidays.... looking forward to that man.. =)

love ya and miss ya my tai so =)

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