Wednesday, October 29, 2008

one more b4 i sleep

is actually bout yesterday seems the clock juz strick 12... anyway it juz happen few hours back... well went to fiona's house b4 goin to rajes... well in rajes we waited super long cuz he was out to get some college fren who were lost somewhere over the rainbow....

suren...a was there lol and he was i mean she was rushing goin down to kl so he was there for a while.... well makan time... we ate without waiting for rajes and i can tell u the food was extremely delicious... =)

meka was there and i was being bully by them cuz they said i wanna ta pau muruku back... wat la i don want wei.... hehehhehe after party went back to fiona's house and guess wat i had bonding moments with crystle... =)

crystle is a dog.... she is so so cute and when i took this pic she was terrified with fire crackers sounds.... gah!!!!! and she cant stop shaking hands with me.... lol

forcing crystle to take pics... failed so this time i bully her even more

but indeed she is still not scared of me but she is scared of the fire crackers outside... hehehehe i love crystle =) well i still love cashie more lol

nites ppl im super tired now... lacked of sleep really make me feel sick =(

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