Friday, October 10, 2008

one short post

some ppl seriously need to get a life.... i don know should i call them retard or what they are just too stuborn.... conclusion pride and ego.... which leads to my own statement... YOU THINK YOU ARE SUPER BIG TILL YOU CAN BOSS PEOPLE AROUND??? YOU THINK YOU ARE HUGE TILL YOU CAN CLIMB OVER PEOPLES HEAD???? OH PLS!!!! U DONT RESPECT PEOPLE AT ALL AND WHY SHOULD PEOPLE RESPECT YOU... WHEN PEOPLE SCOLD YOU, YOU SCOLD BACK IN A VULGAL WAY!!!! is now my turn to say this... SHUT YOUR DAMN BIG MOUTH LA!!!!!!!!

hmmmm im done pissed off and for now im so not gonna talk to you and i will totally ignore and at the same time shut my whole listening system in me.... you can go blab all you want.... ignorance is bliss =)

i had one on one talked with justin yesterday in wooley.... hmmmm he kinda knock my head and brought me back to life where i was corrupted with the worldly doings such as smoking, getting a tattoo and all... he even said if u try i so gonna whacked you... not only me i call winson, yee cheong and the rest to whacked you kao kao... hmmm i even tried to challenge him and said u dare to whacked me??? wow he was so gonna do that till i chicken out and said ok sorry my fault... i think for now i can only share all i mean everything from happyness to sadness and all to him... my dislike my problems pratically everything to him.... even complains =)

thank you justin again and again =) i think i will be like one of those worldly people doin nonsense stuff but you stop me from doin it.....

nothing much ady im juz stress up tat all la bye =)

i would rather lose a fren den
lose my life
i don feel like talking to u ady
sorry but we are still frens juz
that im avoiding you get it???

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