Thursday, October 2, 2008

smiles is all i can do

mummy is back from spore and i have not enough sleep.... woke up at 4.30 am to fetch her from the bus station and went back to sleep after that but i was waken by her to go makan breakfast... lol... we went old town makan chee cheong fun.... it doesnt taste good but gah is food... eat la y complain so much.... after that took my car for a check up thingy cuz the breaking system sucks and oh well there are lots to do... so so so my car have to change everything i think.... after that it will brand new with glossy shinny body... gonna respray it so i got no car to used ppl..... fetch me fetch me... lol

went jj after that and i got my new pair of heels from vincci that i wanted.... pls don be jealous.... im sorry but i got the world most wonderful mum =)....

i even brought a new shades from there =) hahhahaha at 1st wanted to get a new handbag but i think think... i better get it from spore den here =)..... i now currently fat.... my brain is telling me im fat i gained weight.... now i wanna be aneroxic.... hahahhahaha

wat do u think???? i gained or i slim down.... hahahahhaha i think tat all ppl.... juz tell me wat do u think???? lol

p/s: mummy thanks u so much... i love u =)

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