Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Something Funny

i had an extremely wonderful day where me and friends get to do service... at one part i did screwed up where i was suppose to asked coffee or tea but ended saying this do you want your dessert being served now??? 0.0 i got a very stupid answer too... well sure how bout now .... gah!!!!!

i got to decorate a muffin all thanks to chee leong but i kinda destroy it... =S but it looks nice... there were complains from ppl saying that the dish is not warm and all... all i know that my job is to served ppl coffee and tea and at the same time removed the dirty dishes...

when most of the guest left.... this nirmal ar i seriously was testing me as he is an ex student.... keep on asking me questions... but i did manage to used my brain and reply him in a good way... lol *buat muka proud*

after all that cleaning up going back.. before leaving college i interview nirmal y did u shaved your head bald??? this is wat i get... cuz i get to sleep longer by 5 minutes, no need to buy shampoo, save money on gel and wax and so on... this answer was also given by haresh... man man man guys... hahahhaha he even add this saying that he looks more handsome now... *buat muka don care*

it was raining heavily so so so i have to run under the rain again.... it seems that i have been walikng under the rain since last week... hmmmm don care... i did enjoy the fun... =)

bitch seriously juz bore me... ignorance is bliss!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i don mind someone hating me in my... wtf this is my blog lol or should i juz categorise u as some **** where u get to see those by the road side... lol =)

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