Wednesday, October 22, 2008

there is no one perfect in this world

well i decided to post one more... i am in a mood to blog now... bersemangat!!!!!!! i would juz wanna say that there is no one perfect in this world... and the only perfect one is God himself... there some pathetic bitch really wanna seek the attention by spamming ppl blog... i don really know how did she came across ppl blog but hey... u seriosuly need to get a life!!!!

she goes around calling ppl names and the way she reply thinks like she is some goddess or something where she is perfectly in this world... hmmmm i felt pity for this type of ppl where they really lacked lots of attention... hahahhaha dude talked to the hand.... u think i care???? nope IN YOUR DREAMS that u think u r perfect....

and as for me i know myself ten billion or trillion times... even infinity more den you do... i don need ppl to judge me... *showing middle finger*

btw im suppose to help calson to promote his blog... lol feel free to see his blog... is amazing =)

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