Tuesday, October 28, 2008

tired mood =(

gah kena tipu by sei bih tong.... said coming my house at 9 something and guess wat i woke up at 8 something and do watever im suppose to do juz to greet her arrival.... anyway she came at 10 something and couldnt find my house *buat muka jadou* so i have to go pick her up near ho seng onn school and off we went for rajes pressie hunting....

for the 1st and not my last time... i finally dare to park inside jj... that means i went up the slope with my hippy car which i juz bang it to a wall a few days back.... ho ho ho i love goin up now =)

me, fiona and bih tong finally got a present for rajes and and and it a parker pen =0... expensive u know.... hahaha craved his name on the pen and tadah we got a present for him ady... oh yeah fiona 's sis was there with us... hi eunice =)

ate lunch in food court and we went shopping... lol pass by those christmas stuff in jj so so so hahahahha we went camwhoring

bagi la duit sebab i tolong promote.... hahahahha ooooo fiona have to go back early cuz she brought food her bro so so so bye and left me and bih tong strolling around boring jj =S... oh yeah i saw joanna, joses, yung yao and jia yao in jj and even peng peng... hahahah you guys would not believe who i meet... i saw pn ang and and and and *drums rolling* pn halena.... yes HALENA!!!

ekkkkk she was with her daughter and son and she never change at all... her make up was like *slaps forehead* hahahha couldnt even describe... im out of words regarding bout her make up... lol only me and those from mgs knows... hahahaha

went back after that and my cousin from chicago is back... yeah!!!! *happy* and she will be here for 2 and a half weeks... bih tong was super sked cuz my house got lots of ppl... my aunt, cousin and even dad is back from work... hahahahha went out again to the bank and and and went to the butique too... got my shorts =)

currently bih tong is sleeping in my room while me im blogging... later will be in rajes birthday party... hmmmmm man i really need to rest la... ma hai always go out never rest.... ish ish ish...

something different for this post... i got this for one day... =S

  • 2 new nail polish
  • headphone *pink colour*
  • my hydration mask
  • shorts

i think tat all la.... hahahahha adious ppl.... =)

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