Sunday, November 30, 2008


hey ppl hi and bye =) exams coming and im off to study... will be updating this blog after exams... stay tune ppl for something funny later on or shall i say another boring post????


Sunday, November 23, 2008


on wed there were some americans that came to our college and we had this small gathering for our j revo..... it was an awesome day and we made frens with them =) ahahhaha they did sharing and we even tag along and have fun.... but most i like is taking pics with them....

OMG!!!!! he is damn freaking handsome rite????

group pic =)

tat's all bout wednesday....

saturday was the day where i really felt super tired... hahah woke up early and went jj for a movie... chee leong fetch me as i said again im carless =)... reach there and meet up with fiona.. she was ady queing up to claimed our tickets... jezzzzz i tell u they freaking cancel our booking as said be there 1 hour b4 to claiming it but the que it damn long... CANNOT WATCH MADAGASCAR!!!!! is ok we watch igor =)...we as in me, fiona, patricia and chee leong....

ate lunch in secret recipe and off we went window shopping.... took some pics and hey jinag may is back... and she is working in folio... went there and talked ....

at nite went for chee leong's pre early b day celebration... at wat u call the cafe again??? ekkkk!!!! i ahve bad memory ppl.... hahahha started at 7.30 and dad was really goin over my nerves... don care!!!!... it was a very happening party i can say... hehehhehe

chee leong got nothing to do and he wants to present this drinks and food to miss... MISS this is for u =D
we have a big laugh over this cup... it look s like those praying for buddist thingy where they put jollsticks in it... dont u think it look like those???? and here is mine =)

i don know wat u call this... lol and there were more pics... hmmmm i shall let the pics do the talking rite =)

the girls that went...

MK and b day boy... chee leong.... and lots more candid coming on... hehehehhe

potong cake ceremony... and i can tell u this... chee cloeng and MK are confirm gay couples.... lol don kill me for this =) i can show u how gay can they be hahahahha

anyway there were some accident that happen and errrrrr badly to say we kinda broke a shelf... 0.0!!!!! yes and and and is kinda funny to see the other side expression... hahahhaha and this is wat happen to the shelf.... i am INNOCENT!!!!!

after paying we change destination to some cafe next to greentown kopitiam... lol played chor dai dee there and man im super tired and sleepy la.... win a couple of rounds and soong seng is super funny... u should have just see wat happen while playing chor dai dee... hahahhaha

that all ppl and and and stupid cashie!!!!!! she bang my nose and now is kinda bleeding a bit... HATE U CASH!!!!!!!! hahahahha oh yea i brought new shoe from vincci again =D....

Friday, November 21, 2008


it has been quite some time that i have not step foot into jj and now the disease is back... =) anyway as everyone knows im carless not colour yee cheong *stares* so im bored at home... hehehehhe william fetch me out.. =)

he came like 1 30 and he was waiting in front of the wrong house... hehhehe called me and i said i will come out... by the time he wanted to drive away there is some lady who came out from the house he was waiting hahahaha... kinda scared him la... so off we go to jj... reach there and thank god we got a parking at that very moment =)....

went and eat in pizza and i an tell u... the service is bad ... VERY BAD!!!! here i complain again...we wanted to order but no one layan us... =( and the food kinda degrated or somehow the portion is small... btw the soup is salty and the sphagetti i ate was HORRIBLE!!! never eat in pizza hut again... oh yea saw ashley and hui kay in pizza hut and they even complain to me bout the service there... hahaha thank u william for treating me =)...

off we went for thank u card hunting as he wanted to get a card for his teacher... we came across many card and i keep on showing him the love ones... hahahha so GAY la.... and the description inside sounds so wrong... saw jahphia and gang.... i even saw fiona hahah at secret recipe... went inside MPH and there we got william's thank u card... i choose one *buat muka bangga*

went walking into cd shops and we even went inside crocs.. hahahha i told him it is expensive and every pair there is a number 1 in front of it... even those kiddy one is more den 100 bucks... =S... walked around and we saw this kinda a guy but i say is a gal... finally we cannot say he/she is a girl or a boy.. hahahha oh yea bumped into deva babi and desmond bapok!!!! stupid is not a DATE!!!!!!

anyway i had fun and 2 nite im gonna have more fun.... =) shit i got task 2 do and i haven even do yet... gah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gotta go do now.... bye!!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008



anyway we did not wake up but ended up sleeping like a pig.. hahaha once wake up i feel so so sleepy again and i can juz continue sleeping anywhere comfortable if i want... walked to iguana and fiona sat inside chee leong's car for breakfast in the hotel.... man u know wat??? i am too tired to eat but in the end i force myself to eat... hehehehe once 9 went back into damai 3 hall and we were saperated into 3 groups... my group consist of me, fiona,miss, chee leong, suren, christina and meka and our group name is called zincky... our group cheer was

Booyaka....booyaka, see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil...

our mascot ws chee leong's bear bag which has no eyes.. kesian la that bag =)




we had some ice breaker and the game is call tsunami... had lots of fun and one thing if u are wrong... u will kena conteng kat muka... patricia kana again and me and so are the rest....

we were ask to be prepared to go to the beach for some telematch and b4 that we were ask to sing this song... wrong kena conteng muka again... hahahha is like singing bingo song with the spaces u cannot say the word out...





briefing of the games and there were 4 tasks.... the 1st one was to find 7 ping pong balls in the sand oh well i just have to say this kang wei stole our ping pong ball!!!!!

2nd task was tunnel crawling... i hurt my knee anyway everyone hurt their knee and albow.... super pain le doin this on sand...

3rd task was tranfering the ping pong ball from the begining to the end with a tool.... this really test us bout patient.... hahahhaha

and the last tasks was to dig a big whole under a canoe with our hands... i really sacrifies my nails k... dig dig dig dig!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was really tiring cuz we have to dig the whole for everyone 2 go through it...

oh yeah after completing every task.. we have to say our group cheer... man our group was super long and when we said booyaka booyaka... we juz blab only lol.. anyway don even know who was the winner and all of us went and play in the sea.. i went and wash all the sand away on my hands and leg... pics time =)

anyway i kena bully teruk.. dixon ask me this judee got enough clothes to wear or not wo??? i was super blurr and catching my breathe after the tasks... and he said ok lets make u wet i scream my heads out la wei... and in the end im wet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! after that the throw me into the sea i was like screaming non stop le... only me i kena teruk.... is not fair!!!!!!! hello im wearing contact lens la!!!! went back to apartment to clean up and checkout... =) more pics =) while waiting for transport back to the hotel

went back to the hotel for our cert presentation and group pics with our proudly faces =) and more pics around the hotel with the rest of my frens =)

after all this we begin to depart from swiss garden damai laut and off for lunch in sitiawan... i think??? i don even know where but we ate seafood... we had crabs!!!!!!! my best frens hahahha cuz i love crapping... btw i cannot eat crabs =(.... lol followed chee leong's car back and his car air cond was not working but i was too tired to even care bout the heat... and i got freaking mad at one point for the noices of the cars and bikes... opps!!!! my fault =)

this is really a memorable trip and the best one... this is better den the cameron trip that we went last sem =) and i hope there are more for us to go miss!!!!!!!!!! hehehehhe