Wednesday, November 19, 2008



the day had finally arrive where us CHO and HND students of olympia college get to travel and have fun... woke up super early in the morning and i have to be in college by 7 am... as u guys know im not puntual all the time hahahah but this time i am puntual.... we started our journey like 7 something??? lol not having watch so i don know... well there were 7 cars all in total for this trip...

we reach there like 9??? and we were leaded to damai 3 hall for some speech.... as we were all showing a sleepy face... encik said plan a game for us to make us feel lifely again.. we played zip zip zap zap and those who lose will get their face painted.. hahahha patricai kena and some of them

after that we continue our talked and and ice breaker begin... this really tested our thinking skills... i don know wat u called but i was only a listener =)

after all this finally lunch for me as i have not eaten breakfast yet... lol FOOD!!! took some b4 makan and some after makan... =) the scenery was breathtaking man.. really felt so relax

den we have our tour around the hotel... we went to the beach, hotel rooms, spa, the facilities that was provided... man it was really a tiring walk at the same time burn some fats after eating so much during lunch... lol sweating like mad la

the pool side view where we had our lunch

some restaurant with the beach view

notice something???? wanna kill patrick in spongebob squarepants??? hahahha u can kill it for rm 3.50....

the beach

the way to the spa

the spa

the hallway

the train ride to jetty

the jetty

there were lots more lazy to put some more la hahah we went to the gym, game room, hotel suits... gah lots to remember la... hahah anyway we entered our apartment and started cleaning ourselve up b4 goin back to the hotel again to continue our talked (no more formal)

waiting for the bus to come and pick us up for some of us and we were in iguana pub and started doin stupid stuff....

later that is free time and is beach time... heavy tides coming in as it is gonna rain.... after playing for a while i went to the guys to play beach futsal... hahahha superb fun and later i was all drench in rain water

due to raining, we all cant go back to the apartment to clean ourselve but ended up me and the rest were in the facilities room where me, fiona, bih tong, patricia and miss were playing scrabble.... dinner in the hotel itself and i really wanna tempt u guys with food... too bad i did not take pics of dessert and all.. man is mouth watering =)

finally the rain stop but we went back by cars for those who drove la... hahhahah went back b4 shower i was in nicks room playing ps2.. lol we actually planned to bring all this there... played till nearly gonna die i scream and passed the whole remote to dixon... hahahhah bathe and went to miss room b4 headed to iguana pub... lol drank some and sang songs too... we actually were there till super late lol =)

i am not drunk but high... how can i get drunk by drinking a bottle of beer??? haha but for sure bih tong was... after all this drinking and singing we went back to our apartment and wanted to chat only us gals but it seems the guys chee leong and mr fung came to our room to play cards so we all stayed up longer but till 2 something i kong out hahahha slept at the sofa... at some point i woke up and saw 2 guys sleeping in our room on the floor lol but we planned to see the sun rise at the beach at 5 am... hahahha kononnya all tidur and don wanna wake up.... =)


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