Wednesday, November 5, 2008


there has been lots of problems that im facing... oh well thank God that there are ppl helping me like justin, winson and joy =) well i have been goin emo lately due to something and i don wanna tell... it seems im emo but i don show it out and still be super happy everyday....

yesterday class was ok... have fun beside being bitten by mosquitoes alive hahahhaha i was extremely tired cuz i slept late the day b4.... during at night went out with justin, winson and joy to nasmir.... man wrong day to go cuz there got night market aka pasar malam.... hahahahha while i was finding parking i kinda meet someone.... eric he was walking and staring at me... i just buat muka tak kenal... ho ho ho *evil laughters*

i went round and round for parking and even break rules hahahahha aiyah don care la till i got no choice to find somewhere far and walked.... while walking it was kinda creepy where everyone was like starring at u... heheheheh was at nasmir till 11 + den justin fetch me to my car and bye.... while driving back i was thinking bout the problem ish.... i don have guts la how????

anyway 2 day woke up super early thanks to thye wake up msg i receive haahhah went college and i was dead tired... lol well nothing much happening 2 day besides me being ME!!!! lol have some bincang-bincang with my group members for presentation 2 moro....

currently im reading brown sugar lol is nice =) although im tired im still reading.... btw this reminds me i gotta start studying for now as mid term is next week *buat muka shoking*.... i got this feeling of goin on hiatus for like a week... well it seem will not jadi cuz i need to get infomation on something... hahahahaha

oooooooo yea.... i HATE the kids next door!!!! annoying la they all and i cut my hair =) planning to dye it during december.... well i think tat all =)

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