Monday, November 3, 2008


hello ppl im back and yes is only one day that i did not blog.... i was tired due to something i do not wanna talked about... is private which make me super pissed off and lacked of sleep.... anyway is a new day =) deepavali break is over and 2 moro im goin back to college....

i went to jj again.... this time is with my aunt... =) oh was suppose to go to watch a movie but see see the next one was late so cancle and yeah we went shopping...WINDOW SHOPPING... well it was juz a few minutes when the "window shopping" word was in used... hahahhaha i brought this.... *with smiles on my face*

the shoe addict is back in action... lol man mum is so gonna kill me for buying more shoes..... anyway im super happy cuz i got something for me... lol saw derrick, joses and friends in jj... i have to get something for derrick seems is his birthday 2 moro... yeah i did so now im broke can say that im broke after all the spending =)

my satisfied look with my blue lens *i kinda look pale le*... hehehehhe cant really see though =) anyway my weekend was ok not to say bad or good it was juz fine... i muz really stop shopping... don ask me to go out to malls unless i say so... hahahahha btw i don think so i will be goin out cuz classes is gonna start 2 moro... lol

hehehehe juz for fun.... =D

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