Friday, November 7, 2008





hahahha my long lost kindergarden friend but we still keep in touch =) not only kindergarden... we even go to the same tuition when we are in primary 1 till 6.... gosh wat a friendship eh.... pratically he is a funny guy and he makes jokes that will make u laugh non stop.....

he is smart too.... smarter den me la duh!!!! im juz average =) anyway he is a nice guy and really helps you when u need help... he did help me when im goin through hard times.... and like when im home alone hehehhehe can ask him go out and teman you ... not only that he chats with u in msn when u feel bored and starts many jokes that brighten up your day....

well basically his jokes are lame and we even see who is more lamer... lol well i won cuz im the lame one hehehehhehe.... anyway someone is finally 18 and is illegal to do bad stuffs... no la i know he wont anyway HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN JET!!!! =)

hope that u have a blessed birthday =) and don ask me give u angpow la... hahahah i will treat u or mayb get something for u... well i think i know wat to get for u ady =P will not tell u wahahahahha *evil grins*

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