Friday, November 21, 2008


it has been quite some time that i have not step foot into jj and now the disease is back... =) anyway as everyone knows im carless not colour yee cheong *stares* so im bored at home... hehehehhe william fetch me out.. =)

he came like 1 30 and he was waiting in front of the wrong house... hehhehe called me and i said i will come out... by the time he wanted to drive away there is some lady who came out from the house he was waiting hahahaha... kinda scared him la... so off we go to jj... reach there and thank god we got a parking at that very moment =)....

went and eat in pizza and i an tell u... the service is bad ... VERY BAD!!!! here i complain again...we wanted to order but no one layan us... =( and the food kinda degrated or somehow the portion is small... btw the soup is salty and the sphagetti i ate was HORRIBLE!!! never eat in pizza hut again... oh yea saw ashley and hui kay in pizza hut and they even complain to me bout the service there... hahaha thank u william for treating me =)...

off we went for thank u card hunting as he wanted to get a card for his teacher... we came across many card and i keep on showing him the love ones... hahahha so GAY la.... and the description inside sounds so wrong... saw jahphia and gang.... i even saw fiona hahah at secret recipe... went inside MPH and there we got william's thank u card... i choose one *buat muka bangga*

went walking into cd shops and we even went inside crocs.. hahahha i told him it is expensive and every pair there is a number 1 in front of it... even those kiddy one is more den 100 bucks... =S... walked around and we saw this kinda a guy but i say is a gal... finally we cannot say he/she is a girl or a boy.. hahahha oh yea bumped into deva babi and desmond bapok!!!! stupid is not a DATE!!!!!!

anyway i had fun and 2 nite im gonna have more fun.... =) shit i got task 2 do and i haven even do yet... gah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gotta go do now.... bye!!!!

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