Tuesday, December 30, 2008


heloooooo peeps!!!! im back from my shopping paradise and ho ho ho im very happy bout it besides being a maid to my bro *stares*... anyway here are the pics....

on christmas day....

me and sue =)

us promoting chanel.... *failed badly*

a shot of orchard with lots and lots of ppl b4 the parade which we did not stayed back to watch.... i got bored cuz is the same every year =)

following day...

i was out with siew ee remember my bus mate =) here are the pics....

her and me.... i enjoyed shopping with her on tat day... my kaki shopper tat shop till we drop =)

her bro owen who annoyed me... hahahha but it was fun having him around =) and and and lastly

siew ee and me at the fountain.... hahahha.... anyway i kinda miss georgie now... with his barking and all.... well i miss u la GEORGIE!!!!

hahahha anyway i miss spore badly and after 2 weeks of not driving my car died engine for 5 times.... hahahhaha mum said i suck =)


Sunday, December 28, 2008


hey look this is my 210 post... how great is tat??? 2 day is my rest day.. not goin out and im gonna watch whole lots of movie with my bro seems is his off day.... im not home alone ppl =)... i had lots of fun with mum yesterday where we really shop till i drop and gues wat i got lots of stuff and i spend a total amount of more den 200 dollars... weeeee~

i practically brought all branded stuffs.. lol and and and im hoping sis will used all her vouchers on me to get a coach handbag which i wanted... *crossing finders* this time it was a big success cause i did not buy any shoes nor flats nor heels.... hahahha due to blisters i don have the mood and besides tat im bring 2 big bags back to ipoh... i brought 2 many stuffs ady... ooooooooo i now want my bro to give me tat sling bag i LOVE IT!!!!

and and sis is giving me lots of branded perfumes... WOW!!! im covered with branded stuffs =)....

anyway i was pissed at someone whom i define as a hypocrete... yes read my words HYPOCRETE!!! i don give a damn thing cause this really make no sense... such a faker and guess wat a pure bitch... wow hint is a girl wei... cant call guys bitch la it will be a total disaster...

i know i have change a lot to a person more into vulgarity world... sins sins and more sins im doin... i gotta agree with some frens of mine who were once a christian and now NO!!! wat they say is true.... i have to agree 100% with them and guess wat i have the same mind set as them too...

i don care tat i missed this out or that... im enjoying my ass here in spore... i don give a damn thing wat i missed out on... i would rather spend more time with my family and and some ppl juz don get it tat goin party doesnt means i go clubs... i don go clubs!!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008


im having ulcer *screams* is pain but nvm ias long as im enjoying my stya till now... oh yea i was out with siew ee yesterday... damn syoik i tell u... hahahha she was my bus mate and and it has been so long since i last saw her.... she is also like me... kaki shopper wei i found my partner hahahhah... we were like in ipoh din see each other but muz come all the way to spore baru wanna hang out lol....

we went to suntec city mall and also wat ar.. grrrrrrr i don remember but we had a blast =) lol we did some catching up and it was really funny when we talked bout our ns camp stuff... hahahhaha after talking like 15 minutes we only realise we were in the same camp i know lame rite??? hahahah but wat will not go wrong with lameness with me and her... lol

oh yeah her bro is like taller den me... ish im so short!!!! and and and he is only 11... man wat is this la... anyway her bro is is grrrrrrr one annoying one but but it was fun speaking to him... he thought i was 15 years old.... jezzzzz im not tat young but i shall take it as a compliment HAHAHAHA

walked walked and walked i finally manage to get all the christmas present in one shot... wow!!!!! and i love them hahahhaha so i wont be goin back empty handed... oh yea i brought this top in mng.. and my sis hijected me!!!! walked whole day and she took my top!!!! hmmmm nvm seems she is lacking in fashion and and and my mum said she wear like aunty.. hahahahha my sis AUNTY!!!! so with pityness i sold to her and i earn 10 dollars from her... sistem barter memang berguna =)

nvm 2 day willl be goin to bugis... this means im shopping for more stuff for myself =P is bout me me me!!!! ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

hahahah yesterday after goin out with siew ee went back and soon im out again with my sis in her new mng baju tat i brought =(... we went to wat mall at kim seng road where my jie fu and mum is working... hahahhaha walked lagi... now i announce tat im suffering blisters pain too =( but nvm and and and i kinda enjoyed =) sis got her husband a seiko watch which worth errrrrrrr don know and and wat a new car!!!!! since when they change car???? now is a black lancer... very SPORTY!!! its nice and its WOW~~~
i wanna drive lol

im into the mood now to to shop more and and buy more =) i don care bout my feet now... lol this is wat u call 'oi leng moi meng' if u und canto den this is it tat describe me =) bye and and i will be back on 30th =)
miss u guys hahahha =)

Thursday, December 25, 2008


oki oki sorry bout the previous post.. i was angry and wat hapens if a person is super duper angry =( yeah words keeps on flowing witout stopping... anyway i would like to wish everyone MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!! hahahah yeap is chirstmas after all and and and i wont be alone this christmas... ooooooo i was actually thinking that im alone seems everyone is working on christmas day... so nah!!!! im not yee sue is coming down to spore and and and im goin out with her later... ooooooo it has been a while i have not see her and i miss her lots... haha i have been missing lots of ppl le =)

im goin out soon to meet her up at orchard mrt station yes!!!!!!!! finally im goin orchard and it will be super packed with ppl... i don like lo but wat to do =).. oh yeah 2 moro im meeting up with siew ee at city hall... i cant wait man and on saturday im goin bugis to hunt for pressies.... btw channel 5 have many nice movie to watch and i can juz be a couch potato watching it whole day.... hahahha

im a big fan of ghost whisperer and in spore they are showing season 4... dude y is malaysia damn slow ar???? even desperate housewifes here is faster den in malaysia... ish ish ish grrrrrrrr i hope it don rain today cuz the weather seems gloomy la.... pls God don rain =)...

i wanna enjoy my life now and don think of the past which haunt me badly =)..... anyway was browsing through a frens blog... hmmmmmmm i shall not say word cuz it seems so desperate la.... ewwwww and this is a note to bih tong aka pig tong!!

im not a lesbian!!!! u la lesbian lol

hahahha gtg now and get ready for my outing =) and i wish everyone



no mood to sing la hehheheheh

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


grrrrrrrrr!!!! ROAR!!!!!!!!!! im fucking pissed rite now... don u know i was helping u out as u ask me to and in the end u scolded me like im some jackass!!!! wat by saying where is your brain!!! u got no brain ar ??? so wat now i tell u where is my brain is rite up in your ass HAPPY???? I HATE MY SISTER!!!!!

i have the most annoying yet most horrible sister in the world... one minute u r good and the next u r freaking nasty.... how i wish i got a sister who is not like her grrrrrrr!!!!! anyway i think i will be ok rite now after being contaminated my mind with bad words and all... i don care when im mad words fly out.... yeah so IM FUCKING PISSED!!!!!

anyway i was out alone today.... i went to cuaseway point in woodlands and im kinda happy cuz i know wat i want when mummy is free.... hahahhaha i can juz go and grab the top juz like that... =) oh speaking of walking my feet hurts due to the blisters i have.... hmmmmmm is not good man and and and i had a one on one talked with bro seems he is off today =)... kinda fun hahahaha

oh yeah when i was pissed bc zai was chatting with me and she make me feel much more better.... i freaking miss u jek bc zai =( hahahha she is getting me pressie =) it rain abit 2 day in spore... hahahah 1st raindrop ever since i was in spore.... i think i will continue chatting now hahahha

i miss u guys back in ipoh!!!!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008


howdy ppl... yeah yeah im blogging all the way from spore... well fasinating is im all home alone... WOW!!!! how great is that... hahah saw yi jun at the spore checkpoint and and even helena and her 'cute' daughter... according to yi jun ya so cute daughter... man man man i went northpoint juz now and man i gound my lappy... hahahha now is the time to wait for mum to come back and tell her all bout it...

ooooooo sale is on and and i only have like 60 bucks ow with me... i saw lots of nice printed tee but but but don know la and and esprit is having this super sale... hahahha i wanna get those too and and i spotted a nice flats... i wonder can i???? hmmmmmmm let wait till the day comes... oh i have been rotting at home like errrrr don know.... lol

all i do was movie marathon, eat, sleep, again and again besides shopping and taking pic of my stupid geogie... pics will be uploaded when im back cuz i did not bring my cable... deng!!!!!!! oh yeah my msn here died so im using e buddy... lol my e buddy here is freindly compare to college.... =)

i cant wait for my laptop... is freaking cheap here lo i tell u and and im choosing sony vaio here =) freaking cheap i tell u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! only $1399.... WTF!!! i don care im getting and now i no longer having my psp... BRO TOOK IT AND PROCLAIM IS HIS!!!!!!!!! anyway he is getting a new one for me... weeee~ i get to choose e colour!!!!!!!!!! he told me don choose pink... fine!!!!!!!! i shall take other colour and he said after pimping my ipod... i look more lala!!! DIU!!!!!!

im not lala la!!!!!!!!!! ahahhaha anyway i miss joy, justin, winson, yee cheong, ashley and the rest ady!!! lol and guess wat sis is asking fashion tips from me... lol anyway need to help her now... bye!!!!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008


ooooo i was out 2 mcd with eliana.... hahahha and i be dazzled my ipod!!!! yes i pimp my ipod.... the process of doin it... bersemangat doin all this in mcd hahahha... elly also helped me with it =)

and now my ipod looks like this... the front and also back....

impressing rite??? hahhaha im happy with it and and and i am gonna be dazzle my new phone soon =) after mcd went to parade aka lala land with elly to meet up with benita... hahahha yes yes she is back =) i got new flats which cost only rm19 in niko and im so so happy cuz is my freaking 1st time getting flats at that rate.... hahahha went fos saw emma and and she sudah jadi cantik wei!!!! she got lip piercing!!!!

oh well b4 meeting with ben... this is wat me and elly did... we camwhore in the fitting room....

after that is time to meet up with ben and she brought so many stuff... she brought heels and and shorts and and dress.... errrr purple most of it is purple... hahahhaha and so we camwhore i miss them so much =)

fetch elly back and ben... lol and i still haven packed my bag.. grrr!!!!! im leaving 2 nite and wont be updating my blog... if im free den only i update la hahahha =) bye ppl don miss me k... hahahha but for sure i will miss u guys =)
OH WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!
yesterday celebrated yee cheong's b day in persanjung... it is so called a suprise but no longer one cuz he ady know hahahha ashley baked a cake for him and i t was nice =) hahahhaha ate alot opps =X
we were there till 11pm and wat we did was camwhore and also talked bout how did winson pikat joy.... how did yee cheong pikat ashley and how did andrew pikat christine.... ooooooooo very funny le.... pics are in facebook... malas la 2 upload here hahahha i will miss yee cheong, ashley, joy, winson, christine, andrew and justin wei!!!! hahahhaha will be back with your christmas pressie =)

i wish everyone a very early MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


anyway i was out again and this time was in jj for like 2 hours and off to parade for another 2 hours... look is 4 hours of shopping.... errrr window shopping yes WINDOW SHOPPING!!! no money la so walked only la... hahahha was out with bapok desmond =) hmmmm the weird thing is everytime im out with him.... we see lots of gay ppl la.. hmmmm the world has change and imagine me becoming a lesbian and desmond as gay???? EWWWWW!!!! don think bout it hahahha

was in food and tea and we sat there yum cha and talked and talked..... only manage to take one pic =)

i look sleepy here... gah!!! nvm... and desmond told me the hidden thingy bout food and tea... there are lots of baby errrrr LIPAS!!!! pls when i say this pls pls pls don spread it... we saw one walking in the shop and started to freak out so we quick ordered the bill and go!!!! it gave me goosebumps man... hahahha jiang m ay damn good ar work in jj can go shop somemore... aiyer!!!! not fair =( i also wanna buy baju =(

went to parade after that and man.... i tell u i sucked in side parking after like so long din do it... hahahha thanks desmond for helping me... but t he thanks is no thanks cuz the car in front left letting me to have a perfect side parking... hahahhaha

i decided to be dazzled my ipod =) hahahah me desmond brought something in map... and and and im be dazzling my ipod while he is gonna pimp his phone... will see the out come when we are done... lol =)

see 2 day i spend like less den 15 bucks... ho ho ho where is dad im being a good gal =) can i pls pls pls get new baju from FOS???? pls pls pls i saw many nice one and and i like it wei.... daddy pls pls pls but im goin spore ady... WTF!!! hmmmmm i don care i like everything in the shop!!!! =(

nvm mum will be back and more baju to buy =) hahahhaha oh yeah.... my face is getting fatter!!!! is not goin more chubby but fatter =( does anyone know how 2 make your face look slimmer?????


hmmm juz came back from kampar for some pre-christmas celebration =) it was fun like hell yeah fun.... started our journey like 5.55pm and we reach ghany like 6.28pm... imagine how fast did winson drove... oh well i ate at ghany and i also meet up with my ns friends... huey, yap mun and beh =)

joy meet new friends and thanks to me she meet her jr from pgs... hahahha yap mun so i followed them back to yap mun's place b4 goin for kylie's pre-christmas celebration.... lol when we were at her place we played chor dai dee.... hahahha i played cheat u will know through the pics =)...oooooo it was raining heavily and i was wet... drench in rain water =(

oh tat is yap mun the pic... hahahha she is my master too but she is master for hamster... hahahha cheating started as i was opening everyones card... hahahhha

and as for that.... i got this for doing that... a souviner from the frame of the bed... yes i hurt myself =( it did not bleed but the skin came off... beh all your fault!!!!!!!!

more pics hahahhah i juz love taking pics with my friends =)

me and huey... finally he got to pinch my cheeks lol cuz i was spamming his fs.. hahahhaha so this means i can spam more???? hmmmm but he still pinch mua cheeks no matter wat

this is beh... he was the one who make me hurt myself... oooo i manage to beat him cuz he said i don know how 2 beat ppl while i was in camp... hello now i do =P hahahha being bullied by him again.... and soon yap mun drove me to ktar for the party... my master can drive!!!!! =)

was kinda late when i reach there and and and at least i did not missed out winson preaching =)

after all that 6 to 7 ppl accepted christ!!!! GOOD JOB WINSON!!! =) and more pics... hahahha i miss grace =) and we saw her there too.... i found new friends.... ahhahahha and kim was tehre too... miss her lots

oh yeah it was a coinsiden that me, joy and winson was wearing strip 2 day hahahha and i love today...oooooooo here is something funny...

joy: if lets say got perasan girl school besides pgs... judee u be the teacher there la den u can be more perasan....

judee: y la i look perasan ke???

winson: is not perasan is peracent!!!!

all of us laugh non stop =)

reach home at 1 something hahahhaha and i ady started missing my ns frenz.... awhhhhhhhh oh yeah manage to see them b4 i leave... hahah pass back the umbrella that joy borrowed from them and i even meet up with joyce where to pass her b day pressie.... ooooooooo is getting late ppl gotta sleep cuz 2 moro will be another tiring day adious ppl!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008


the day has finally come where i get to see my master who is back from aussie =) lol went jj but b4 goin jj i went to greentown to meet up with my khai jie =P... drove all the way to jj and i was kinda shock to see evelyn b ack from spore!!!! EVERYONE IS BACK AND IM GOIN AWAY THIS THURSDAY!!!!! oi!!!!!!!! hahahha nvm master was playing hide and seek wei!!!!! tell me to go mng see see don know she go where oi!!!!!!!!

hahahha finally i told her go kenny rodgers =) so i was waiting and i din know she was behind me and she gave me a shock wei!!! lol i was smsing with SOMEONE!!! *blink* *blink* hahahhaha

makan lunch with her i was feeling to go on a diet and she told me this u wanna go diet go kenny rodgers ar???? smart lol i juz like errrr den go where wo???? she said sushi king lol aiyah ady seat ady den wat wo.... so i order sandwishes and and and i did not finish it!!! don come and tell me sechuan ar!!!!

man since when kenny rodgers have bad service we ordered sandwishes and they brought us this....

bc zai saying wrong!!!! hahahhaha bad wei the service we ordered drinks it went other tables and other tables food was at our table... hmmmmm makan makan den we went and walked lo hahahha

she always goes around with her big bag on.. wanna know y???? lol is her lappy... she goes around with it =) she cannot be separated from her darling.... anyway is time to take pics

mind the pics is blurr.... hahaha she said my hands are shaking so i said no!!!! den she brought out her cam and took too... deng!!!!!!! wat la and she said i slim jor!!!! but im fat la wei!!!! FAT LA WEI!!! lol and finally this proves my hands were shaking cuz she took my cam and take and see...

bc zai and bear bear!!!!!!!!! lol wont be seeing her for like errrrrrr 2 weeks?? im goin down to spore this thursday..... hmmm and she will be here in ipoh for my b day =) im super happy ok ok gotta go out now =) bye!!!!


Sunday, December 14, 2008


ok ok i gotta stop goin to mcd.... i seriously need to stop hahahhaah 2 day afternoon i went to eat mcd with andrew from my college.... and is not andrew teoh!!!!!!! u think he will belanja me mcd ar???? sau pei la hahahhaha he fetch me there and he even treat me mcd... oooooo lol im being pampered again and i should start counting my blessing =)

talked and talked he force me to eat finish... i really cannot finish a meal by myself... hmmmm so anyone wanna go out with me makan or wat... u can help me to finish up my meal hahahahha so so so he fetch me back at 1st we don wanna go back and wanted to go parade hahaha lala land =) but in the end we went back =D

was rotting at home the whole evening and i chatted with mei sin and lots more.... we did some catching up and it was fun =).... and soon in msn huey ask me wanna go yum cha or not?? so i said ok seem he rush back all the way from kampar today hahahhah to see hamster *me* =P so ended in medan gopeng mcd lol yes mcd again!!!! hmmmmmm 2 day is all about mcd

did some cathing up with him too.... is kinda fun and i nearly couldnt recognise him.... he is totally different compared the last time i went out with him where he fetch me to take my spm results and also to parade where we hang around celebrating our results... and that was during march.... hahahha well i will be seeing him again on tuesday when im down in kampar =) juz for one day trip lol... we talked from 10 till 1 something hahah and i keep on blaming him for pinching my cheeks and putting a chant on it till lots of ppl now like pinching my cheeks.... jezzz and he said isnt tat good???? NO IS NOT GOOD HUEY!!! =P

he wanted to pinch my cheeks gah!!! too bad i avoided and i did used my brain.... lol and he told me bout his life in kampar and i will be meeting up with his roommates when im in kampar hahahha anyway is nice to see him back... is kinda hard for him to go out cuz he is busy with his assignments and all... well he was kinda jealous when im on holiday and he is not.... sad =( but at least u get to see hamster rite??? i kinda destress him juz now so yes im a destressing hamster =) hahahhahah... btw this is huey

hahhahha and this is pic in camp tat he always pinch my cheeks =P

and also the nite of some event i don really remember called wat he also don remember called wat hahhaha

is was a great nite and he treated me mcd ice cream..... oooo thanks huey =) hahaha and he even walked me to my car... hahahha after telling him bout my stalker story he was scared bout my safety so so so and he even ask me to msg him when i reach home which i did hahahaha =) thanks a lot huey!!!! I OWE U BIG TIME..... treat u when im back from spore hehehhe btw we suppose to down together and due to his assignments and presentation all... he cant go and im goin down alone... oh well so so sorry that u cannot enjoy huey.....

i think tat all ppl.... it is getting late and im gonna sleep... lol nites ppl =)