Sunday, December 14, 2008


ok ok i gotta stop goin to mcd.... i seriously need to stop hahahhaah 2 day afternoon i went to eat mcd with andrew from my college.... and is not andrew teoh!!!!!!! u think he will belanja me mcd ar???? sau pei la hahahhaha he fetch me there and he even treat me mcd... oooooo lol im being pampered again and i should start counting my blessing =)

talked and talked he force me to eat finish... i really cannot finish a meal by myself... hmmmm so anyone wanna go out with me makan or wat... u can help me to finish up my meal hahahahha so so so he fetch me back at 1st we don wanna go back and wanted to go parade hahaha lala land =) but in the end we went back =D

was rotting at home the whole evening and i chatted with mei sin and lots more.... we did some catching up and it was fun =).... and soon in msn huey ask me wanna go yum cha or not?? so i said ok seem he rush back all the way from kampar today hahahhah to see hamster *me* =P so ended in medan gopeng mcd lol yes mcd again!!!! hmmmmmm 2 day is all about mcd

did some cathing up with him too.... is kinda fun and i nearly couldnt recognise him.... he is totally different compared the last time i went out with him where he fetch me to take my spm results and also to parade where we hang around celebrating our results... and that was during march.... hahahha well i will be seeing him again on tuesday when im down in kampar =) juz for one day trip lol... we talked from 10 till 1 something hahah and i keep on blaming him for pinching my cheeks and putting a chant on it till lots of ppl now like pinching my cheeks.... jezzz and he said isnt tat good???? NO IS NOT GOOD HUEY!!! =P

he wanted to pinch my cheeks gah!!! too bad i avoided and i did used my brain.... lol and he told me bout his life in kampar and i will be meeting up with his roommates when im in kampar hahahha anyway is nice to see him back... is kinda hard for him to go out cuz he is busy with his assignments and all... well he was kinda jealous when im on holiday and he is not.... sad =( but at least u get to see hamster rite??? i kinda destress him juz now so yes im a destressing hamster =) hahahhahah... btw this is huey

hahhahha and this is pic in camp tat he always pinch my cheeks =P

and also the nite of some event i don really remember called wat he also don remember called wat hahhaha

is was a great nite and he treated me mcd ice cream..... oooo thanks huey =) hahaha and he even walked me to my car... hahahha after telling him bout my stalker story he was scared bout my safety so so so and he even ask me to msg him when i reach home which i did hahahaha =) thanks a lot huey!!!! I OWE U BIG TIME..... treat u when im back from spore hehehhe btw we suppose to down together and due to his assignments and presentation all... he cant go and im goin down alone... oh well so so sorry that u cannot enjoy huey.....

i think tat all ppl.... it is getting late and im gonna sleep... lol nites ppl =)

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