Monday, December 15, 2008


the day has finally come where i get to see my master who is back from aussie =) lol went jj but b4 goin jj i went to greentown to meet up with my khai jie =P... drove all the way to jj and i was kinda shock to see evelyn b ack from spore!!!! EVERYONE IS BACK AND IM GOIN AWAY THIS THURSDAY!!!!! oi!!!!!!!! hahahha nvm master was playing hide and seek wei!!!!! tell me to go mng see see don know she go where oi!!!!!!!!

hahahha finally i told her go kenny rodgers =) so i was waiting and i din know she was behind me and she gave me a shock wei!!! lol i was smsing with SOMEONE!!! *blink* *blink* hahahhaha

makan lunch with her i was feeling to go on a diet and she told me this u wanna go diet go kenny rodgers ar???? smart lol i juz like errrr den go where wo???? she said sushi king lol aiyah ady seat ady den wat wo.... so i order sandwishes and and and i did not finish it!!! don come and tell me sechuan ar!!!!

man since when kenny rodgers have bad service we ordered sandwishes and they brought us this....

bc zai saying wrong!!!! hahahhaha bad wei the service we ordered drinks it went other tables and other tables food was at our table... hmmmmm makan makan den we went and walked lo hahahha

she always goes around with her big bag on.. wanna know y???? lol is her lappy... she goes around with it =) she cannot be separated from her darling.... anyway is time to take pics

mind the pics is blurr.... hahaha she said my hands are shaking so i said no!!!! den she brought out her cam and took too... deng!!!!!!! wat la and she said i slim jor!!!! but im fat la wei!!!! FAT LA WEI!!! lol and finally this proves my hands were shaking cuz she took my cam and take and see...

bc zai and bear bear!!!!!!!!! lol wont be seeing her for like errrrrrr 2 weeks?? im goin down to spore this thursday..... hmmm and she will be here in ipoh for my b day =) im super happy ok ok gotta go out now =) bye!!!!


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