Wednesday, December 17, 2008


anyway i was out again and this time was in jj for like 2 hours and off to parade for another 2 hours... look is 4 hours of shopping.... errrr window shopping yes WINDOW SHOPPING!!! no money la so walked only la... hahahha was out with bapok desmond =) hmmmm the weird thing is everytime im out with him.... we see lots of gay ppl la.. hmmmm the world has change and imagine me becoming a lesbian and desmond as gay???? EWWWWW!!!! don think bout it hahahha

was in food and tea and we sat there yum cha and talked and talked..... only manage to take one pic =)

i look sleepy here... gah!!! nvm... and desmond told me the hidden thingy bout food and tea... there are lots of baby errrrr LIPAS!!!! pls when i say this pls pls pls don spread it... we saw one walking in the shop and started to freak out so we quick ordered the bill and go!!!! it gave me goosebumps man... hahahha jiang m ay damn good ar work in jj can go shop somemore... aiyer!!!! not fair =( i also wanna buy baju =(

went to parade after that and man.... i tell u i sucked in side parking after like so long din do it... hahahha thanks desmond for helping me... but t he thanks is no thanks cuz the car in front left letting me to have a perfect side parking... hahahhaha

i decided to be dazzled my ipod =) hahahah me desmond brought something in map... and and and im be dazzling my ipod while he is gonna pimp his phone... will see the out come when we are done... lol =)

see 2 day i spend like less den 15 bucks... ho ho ho where is dad im being a good gal =) can i pls pls pls get new baju from FOS???? pls pls pls i saw many nice one and and i like it wei.... daddy pls pls pls but im goin spore ady... WTF!!! hmmmmm i don care i like everything in the shop!!!! =(

nvm mum will be back and more baju to buy =) hahahhaha oh yeah.... my face is getting fatter!!!! is not goin more chubby but fatter =( does anyone know how 2 make your face look slimmer?????

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