Thursday, December 18, 2008


ooooo i was out 2 mcd with eliana.... hahahha and i be dazzled my ipod!!!! yes i pimp my ipod.... the process of doin it... bersemangat doin all this in mcd hahahha... elly also helped me with it =)

and now my ipod looks like this... the front and also back....

impressing rite??? hahhaha im happy with it and and and i am gonna be dazzle my new phone soon =) after mcd went to parade aka lala land with elly to meet up with benita... hahahha yes yes she is back =) i got new flats which cost only rm19 in niko and im so so happy cuz is my freaking 1st time getting flats at that rate.... hahahha went fos saw emma and and she sudah jadi cantik wei!!!! she got lip piercing!!!!

oh well b4 meeting with ben... this is wat me and elly did... we camwhore in the fitting room....

after that is time to meet up with ben and she brought so many stuff... she brought heels and and shorts and and dress.... errrr purple most of it is purple... hahahhaha and so we camwhore i miss them so much =)

fetch elly back and ben... lol and i still haven packed my bag.. grrr!!!!! im leaving 2 nite and wont be updating my blog... if im free den only i update la hahahha =) bye ppl don miss me k... hahahha but for sure i will miss u guys =)
OH WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!
yesterday celebrated yee cheong's b day in persanjung... it is so called a suprise but no longer one cuz he ady know hahahha ashley baked a cake for him and i t was nice =) hahahhaha ate alot opps =X
we were there till 11pm and wat we did was camwhore and also talked bout how did winson pikat joy.... how did yee cheong pikat ashley and how did andrew pikat christine.... ooooooooo very funny le.... pics are in facebook... malas la 2 upload here hahahha i will miss yee cheong, ashley, joy, winson, christine, andrew and justin wei!!!! hahahhaha will be back with your christmas pressie =)

i wish everyone a very early MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

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