Saturday, December 6, 2008


right after exams... me and my classmates followed our lectural to meru valley... is a very exciting trip as me and fiona only aiming for banan leaf rice for lunch... lol anyway woke up early and as i am still car-less... fiona fetch me again and 1st all b4 goin college she has to send her bro and his fren to smi... I FOUND OUT THAT THERE IS ANOTHER ROAD TO SMI!!!!!! =)

reach college have breakfast with miss and talked bout the probs with our college.. oh well like i say my college SUCKS BADLY... after that back to college and guess wat i watch a bit of trophic thunder with nicks lappy... watch till the rest arrive and tada off we went to meru...

on the way..... as ussual me i took pics =)

indeed i got nothing better to do.. lol once reach there i love the scenery from the cafe... actually we were there to know the job vaccancy available.... hahaha anyone wanna get a job can be a waiter at dome cafe in meru valley for rm 4 per hour.. is even better den syuen hotel le... =( but is far from m y place wont be doing this... pics from the cafe and the pool... WOW!!!!!!

nicks funny look... hahahha

and more and more pics....

let me introduce you to our president of our club... cecilia aka NKP!!! this is her retard look and she is really ham sap!!!!

soon her expression changes into a innocent look.. but don be fool by her looks... she will whacked u on your boobs if she has the chance... she is one of the highly rated as dirty minded gal in our hotel club which proves her with this nickname NKP =)

anyway we were given free watermelon juice... and after that is time for more pics from the pool side and also the playgroud... i know i look super retard in this pic.. don laugh!!!! i connected with the younger side of me...

anyway we enjoy the fun but none of us wanna go eat banana leaf rice after that so i ended up goin home and guess wat!!!! i got back my green hippy baby =) she is back from the respraying thingy... hahahha she is brand new now ooooo btw im dissapointed cuz the signal light is coming out... have to wait for dad to come back from thai to bring it back to shop and fix it... gah!!!!!!!!! *buat muka bengang*
i watch BOLT!!!! it was super nice and funny... bolt is cute and rhino was so funny that it actually make u laugh the entire show... i which my dog is like bolt.. hahaha not with super powers la... went to ABC behind jj and have my dinner... lol thx yee cheong aka bawang boy for treating me... =)
as for me i got bully again.... laugh till my stomach hurts badly.. and is bad to laugh when u r eating ... i shall not... REPEAT!!! shall not speak canto again which lead to making me being out from tanjung rambutan or wat.... ekkk i need to get more canto lesson and tembak those who know canto very well... be my sifu anyone??????

will be posting bout the charity next... stay tune folks =)......

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