Friday, December 12, 2008


yesterday was the most exciting day and yet most tiring day of my life and i bet this wont be stopping till im off to spore in a week time... i went to e box with my college mates namely fiona, bih tong, patricia and nick =) we meet up at 3 in the old parkson ria for our singing session.... lol pat was the 1st one there while me next.... it is very resonable to sing in e box cuz u get to sing for 4 hours non stop with food and drinks provided =D

while there we were super high and man we sing with all our hearts... pics are available... lol wat will juz saperate me and my camera anyway nothing rite???? hahahahha

ppl guess wat song are we singing???? lol if u can errrrr i treat u guys meal... hahahha this is not for my fren who went and sing k with me =P lol we sang english and also chinese and man i am a banana and i can sing chinese hahahha YES I CAN SING CHINESE!!!! *buat muka golek*

nick's constipation feel while singing.... hahahha man im becoming a meanie *sticking out tongue* hahahha and more pics .... well i really love camwhoring so bare with me

self loving picture =) hahahhaha after singing k me, nick, bih tong and pat went for yum cha for a while in those coffee shop... seems pat is alone at home so teman her as she takes her dinner.... after that i sent them back to their car and off i went back home to prepare myself for P&P lol.... sing again hmmmm nvm =) after that yum cha at metro behind jj and im back home at 11 something... wow whole day out and yet still full of energy... nah!!!!

so currently my voice sucks or should i consider as sexy voice???? hahahhaha so i think that all.. my holiday has been really happening like crazeeeeeeee!!!! lol and i love it =)

bye ppl will be updating soon =D

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